Drinking coffee for a long time will make cortisol too high?Netizens hotly discussion!Can the worker still drink coffee freely?

Recently, some netizens posted that long -term drinking coffee will make cortisol too high, and the small belly is becoming more and more difficult to reduce.This topic quickly rushed to the hot search, causing attention.Some netizens left a message saying, "After drinking for 20 years, there is no big belly."So what is the relationship between coffee and cortisol?What should people who love to drink coffee?To this end, the reporter interviewed Jin Hui, chief physician of the Director of Clinical Nutrition Department, Affiliated to Southeast University. She said that there is no evidence that long -term drinking coffee will continue to increase cortisolsThe function of self -regulation, but beware of the pathological or pharmaceutical state.

Popular posts make the netizens’ mentality a little collapsed

On the 12th, some netizens posted that long-term drinking coffee can increase the cortisol in our body by 25%-30%, which will make the small belly more and more difficult to reduce.Subsequently, the topic of”long -term drinking coffee will make the cortisol too high”quickly appear to the hot search first, and the reading volume of the day exceeded 400 million.Drinking coffee can not only lose weight, but also may have a negative impact, which has caused many people who love to drink coffee to collapse a little.Many netizens said that drinking coffee for a long time is to lose weight. No wonder they have been unable to lose weight; some netizens teased that drinking coffee at work is to improve production efficiency at home, which has become a work injury., I’m so tired to work, just, coffee must be drinking.However, there are some rational netizens questioning? Is this kind of statement?

Director Jin Hui told reporters that caffeine can promote the emergence of adrenaline. Some people drink coffee and will feel the heart rate accelerated and excited.The adnantum of cortisol will secrete cortexol. Drinking coffee for a long time may make cortisol more, but there is no evidence that cortisol will continue to increase, which will affect human body changes, because human body has the function of self -regulation.However, pay attention to the pathological or pharmacular state of the body. For example, some diseases of the adrenal adrenal adrenal cortexol caused by some diseases of the adrenal glands increase. At this timePeople with glucocorticoids will re -distribute to the belly of the belly and waist.The long -term chronic increase in this cortisol can cause fat to move, which will cause the so -called large belly.

Coffee is standardized, how do you drink?

Before the person arrives at the unit, the coffee has already been ordered, which has become the daily life of many office workers."I need to end until late at work. If I don’t drink a cup of coffee, how can I stay up for a long day?" Ms. Zhang, who often go to night shift, told reporters that I usually drink coffee to relieve the anxiety.Polysaccharides and milk are not easy to cause pupils, and they feel more at ease.Ms. Huang, who does not like to drink boiled water, said that drinking milk tea is too sweet, and does not like to drink without taste of water. Drinking coffee slowly becomes a habit.

So is drinking coffee healthier than milk tea?Director Jin Hui introduced that this mainly depends on ingredients and quantities.For example, a cup of black coffee does not add milk or sugar, it is definitely healthier than milk tea with milk and sugar; if coffee is added to milk, it is not pure milk but milk sperm, then saturated fatty acids are high;If you drink a lot of flavors, you may also exceed the saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acids, which may not be healthy than milk tea."People who drink coffee often drink as much as fast -soluble coffee as possible, and there are some additives in the quick solubility." Director Jin Hui emphasized.

For those who love to drink coffee, Director Jin Hui gave four suggestions: First, pregnant women, children and adolescents should try not to drink; second, drink 1-3 cups a day, try not to exceed 4 cups; third, a drink in the morning or nap, try not to try not as much as possibleChoose to drink before going to bed; fourth, do not choose to drink coffee when you are particularly sleepy. You can rest for 10-20 minutes briefly.

Source: Yangtze Evening News Network

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