Drink cola rock?Doctor: Don’t imitate blindly

Source: Changsha Evening News

In the hot summer, cold drinks have become the first choice for many people to cool down, and cola, known as "Fat House Happy Water", is loved by young people.Recently, Coke appeared on Weibo hot search: A woman’s tomato had too many stomach pain, and suspected stomach stones. Doctors let the drinking cola treat, making the woman feel that "treatment is also a happy thing."

In recent years, the successful cases of cola rock stones occasionally appeared across the country, but experts reminded that cola stone cannot be imitated blindly because not all stones can be treated with cola.healthy.

Coke is only effective for some plant -based gastric stones

According to "Women’s Tomato eats more stomach pain, doctors ask Coca -Cola treatment" Weibo hot search, Ms. Xu, who bought 6 kg of tomatoes in the living room, she took two or three raws every day, a few days laterHer stomach had a burning sensation and wanted to vomit.Doctors diagnosed, Ms. Xu eats too much tomato on an empty stomach, causing excessive gastric acid, causing gastritis, and suspected gastric stones.The doctor asked him to go back to drink Coke every day, drink it for a week, and prescribed some conventional gastric medicine.Ms. Xu said that she did not take medicine. After drinking cola for two days, her stomach pain relieved.

"According to the information mentioned by this Weibo, Ms. Xu is very likely to have plant -based gastric stones." Ma Xi, deputy director and deputy chief physician of the Gastrointestinal Department of the Third Hospital of Changsha City, said that patients with plant stones with plantIt is more common in clinical practice. Most of them are caused by eating too much persimmons, tomatoes, hawthorn, jujube, etc. such foods. Such foods contain a large amount of tannic acid. Under the action of gastric acidGlipper, gum and cellulose stick together to form stones.

Because cola is a carbonated beverages, sodium bicarbonate can be binding with monomer phosphorus, and can also be combined with calcium, which can effectively destroy the aggregate substances of plant stones.Ma Xi reminded that Coke is only effective for small, thinner plant stones. If the plant -based stones are too long, the stomach stones will become thicker, which will not only affect appetite, but also block the exit and intestinal tract of the stomach and the intestinal tract.At this time, gastroscopy is needed to be processed.In addition to plant stones, swallowing hair and certain minerals can also cause gastric stones. Carbonic acid in cola cannot react with such gastric stones.

Although there are successful cases of cola treatment of gastric stones in various places, Ma Xi reminded that gastric stones often cause stomach pain, bloating, nausea, lack of specificity, and it is not easy to detect after illness.Stone, not drinking cola treatment without the diagnosis of a doctor.This is because gastric stones are compressed to stimulate the stomach wall, often damage the gastric wall, causing gastric ulcers, and carbonated drinks stimulate gastric acid secretion. Drinking large mouths can easily aggravate the disease and even cause gastric perforation.

Ma Xi reminded that most stones can be found through ultrasound and gastroscopy. To prevent gastric stones, citizens should maintain good physical examination habits.If the stomach is discomfort, citizens should seek medical treatment in time.At the same time, it is not advisable to eat too much persimmons, tomatoes, hawthorn and other tannic acid.

Men drink cola to eliminate kidney stones, stones accumulate into "stone streets"

It is worth noting that "Cola Governance" is not only ineffective, but also damaged health for stones in other parts. 20 -year -old Xiao Zheng once "stepped on the mine".

In a medical examination, Xiao Zheng found that he had kidney stones. He heard that drinking cola can "dissolve" stones. Xiao Zheng, who loved various beverages, decided to drink six or seven bottles of cola daily.Who knew that after a period of time, Xiao Zheng felt the pain of the waist and symptoms such as hematuria and fever.He went to the hospital for examination and found that kidney stones not only did not dissolve, but grew up and increased the "stone street", which also caused problems such as severe stagnant water and kidney function in the left renal.

Luo Yan, deputy director of the Department of Urology of the Third Hospital of Changsha City, said that cola cannot dissolve kidney stones. Among them, calcium oxalate and phosphate contained in them are common ingredients.The ingredients are accumulated in the body, and the growth of long kidney stones will eventually help the growth of long kidney stones.

There are many "remedies" for kidney stones. The internal polls such as black fungus soup, peach kernel rock sugar paste, cucumber canton juice, etc. Some "solubility" recipes often mention money grass and chicken gold.Luo Yan said that they are indeed a traditional Chinese medicine with stones, but in order to produce the best results, they still need to treat syndrome differentiation under the guidance of professional Chinese medicine or pharmacist.

In addition, some citizens believe that stones can promote row through "external force".It has been reported that a man in Sichuan hit the wall with a waist and abdomen 1,000 times a day, hoping to discharge the kidney stones in the body.Luo Yan reminded that the "outer force drainage method" has no scientific basis, and the kidneys are very fragile organs, and they are easily injured under the action of external forces.He emphasized that patients with stones do not believe in prescriptions, and they must seek medical treatment in time to treat standardized gravel treatment.

Summer is approaching, and the urinary system stones are also in the high incidence season.Luo Yan said that from the perspective of outpatient emergency treatment in recent years, stones have increased significantly compared to other seasons. Nearly half of them are young people.The liquid concentration causes the crystal to be overly saturated, a large amount of crystal precipitation, and eventually generates stones. In summer, many people love supper to drink beer.Inception of stones.

In the summer, the urinary system has a high incidence of stones to prevent stones from drinking plenty of water first

How to prevent urinary system stones?Luo Yan suggested that the public, the first thing to do is to drink plenty of water.Daily drinking water in the summer should be greater than 2 liters. Do not sit for a long time and hold urine. This can effectively dilute the crystals in the urine, so that the stones are excreted from the body through the urine.

Adjust nutrition and diet.For a long time, high salt, high sugar, high protein and high -fat diet will increase the risk of urinary stones. The summer diet should be light, and more vegetarian and coarse grains should be eaten.

What needs to be vigilant is that certain diseases can cause urinary stones, such as hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer, which can metabolize calcium and phosphorus metabolism, thereby inducing urinary system stones.

Luo Yan said that patients with urinary system stones do not need to worry too much. Not all kidney stones need to be treated. Stones smaller than (equal to) 6 mm can usually be excreted by themselves.Usually conservative observation, no special treatment is required.

In addition to the treatment of the doctor’s advice and drinking more water, patients with urinary system can also maintain moderate exercise, such as playing basketball, climbing or climbing stairs, and skipping rope. It can produce impact and inertia during exercise, promoting stones to discharge.It is worth noting that when a relatively large kidney stones appear, you cannot run violently when you appear, otherwise the stones will be stuck in the ureter and ultimately damage the renal function.

Zhang Yafei, a reporter from the Changsha Evening News all -media reporter Fu Rongrong

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