Drink "brown sugar water" to make up blood?If you don’t drink it, you will have a hidden danger. The last mother is the most unacceptable

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For women, after giving birth, because of too much consumption, they need to confine to make up for their physical loss.

In the process of production, it will consume a lot of physical strength and energy, and there will be blood loss, so many mothers will be arranged to drink "brown sugar water" after giving birth, which is intended to nourish qi and blood.

But drinking brown sugar water after giving birth is not so simple. Once you drink it right, not only do you not be supplemented with nutrition, but also have a lot of negative effects.

Brown sugar water, in the minds of people in the past, but the "Shenshui" in the eyes of many people. Although it is only water brewed with brown sugar, it will be used to restore the body after the female aunt or give birth to a child.

In fact, from a scientific perspective, brown sugar water is rich in various nutrients such as vitamins, which can supplement the minerals and vitamins required by the human body.Brown sugar water also has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which is suitable for the excretion of postpartum maternal dew.

In general, drinking brown sugar water appropriately after delivery is a promotion of the physical recovery of the maternal body, but if you drink too much or the method is incorrect, it is likely to be counterproductive.

1) There is no blood supplement function

The folk has always spread the saying of "drinking brown sugar can replenish blood". It may be because of the appearance of brown sugar to make up in shape, and when looking at the color of brown sugar, you will feel the blood.

But in fact, brown sugar is a kind of sugar, and the main ingredient is sucrose, which is essentially no different from sugar and rock sugar.The so -called blood supplement is actually more important to "iron supplementation", but the iron in brown sugar is very small. Basically, the formation of blood cells has no effect, and the relative absorption rate of the human body is not high. For daily lifeIn terms of intake nutrients, it is also a lot of money.

In addition, research has also found that relying on brown sugar to nourish blood is not reliable at all. The blood supplementation of brown sugar cannot be achieved at all.Therefore, if you want to replenish blood postpartum, it is better to choose the blood or liver of animals. It is a good choice.

Therefore, drinking brown sugar to nourish blood after giving birth is to save it.

2) It is easy to cause damage to the teeth

The sugar in brown sugar is a sugar essence that has not been refined. If you drink brown sugar for a long time, it will exacerbate the postpartum tooth damage.

In addition, drinking brown sugar after giving birth will accelerate the sweating of the mother, which is not conducive to the recovery of postpartum body. After birth, the best way to hydrate the maternity is to drink boiled water, rather than drink brown sugar water blindly.

3) Postpartum obesity

A cup of brown sugar water will contain 20 grams of brown sugar. Drinking 3 cups a day is equivalent to taking 233.4 kcal of calories, which is directly equivalent to the weight of a bowl of rice.

Brown sugar is actually a pure high -calorie food. There are not many nutritional elements, but the ability to provide calories is very strong.If the mother not only drinks three cups of brown sugar water within a day after giving birth, it is difficult to want to be fat during confinement.

Although brown sugar helps the mother to recover to a certain extent, it is not too long to eat brown sugar. It is generally recommended to drink after giving birth (7-10 days).harmful.

Nowadays, people’s living standards have improved, their physical fitness is enhanced. Coupled with proper postpartum care, many women have shrinking better in the postpartum uterine, and the discharge color is normal.

Therefore, there is no need to drink a lot of brown sugar water at all. Instead, if the maternal brown sugar water drinks too much, it will also promote the discharge of lochia, leading to chronic hemorrhagic anemia, which seriously affects the recovery of the uterus and the health of the mother.

In short, brown sugar, like sugar and rock sugar, is the difference between flavor and color, and there is no such amazing effect.Therefore, postpartum mothers can use it to nourish the body, but pay attention to the amount.

The postpartum diet is still mainly light, nutritional, and easy to digest. This is the "good medicine" to help the body’s rapid recovery.

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