Dreaming of snake is pregnant, can the snake really feel pregnant?So amazing, actually …

Milton Keynes, who lives in the UK, has a young couple Beckie & Tom Woodruff (Beckie & Tom Woodruff)

This couple has lived together for a long time, and has always wanted a child, and has never succeeded.

Becci likes snakes, so she raised a 5 -year -old pet snake Poseidon with her boyfriend (Poseidon) (Poseidon)

But Becch found that Poseidon is strange recently!Usually I only like Poseidon hanging around her neck. Recently, she always scrolls on her stomach. She refuses to leave, and even when Tom wants to move it awayCome to warn Tom

Not only that, he is not allowed to approach Bayi!Tom said that it was not the case before. It used to be a little aggressive when I fed it. Now it is opened by it, and it still has to get back to the belly of Becch.EssenceEssenceThis is the case for several days in a row.

Then Becci thought.Essenceabdomen?Oh My God!I won’t I get pregnant? As a result, the result of the pregnancy test stick is really …

Then, they immediately went to the hospital to check it. It was almost two months pregnant!

The two of them are over!Complete!No!Know!Affection!The pet snake told them. Tom said that in fact, we are already abandoning for a certain extent, so when we know that Becci is pregnant, it is so surprised!IntersectionIntersection

Okay, pet snake, you won … but!Can snakes really feel pregnant?So magical?In fact, … both snakes and other animals cannot perceive whether humans are pregnant.The editor may be because Becci has changed in body temperature after pregnancy, and the snake of cold -blooded animals prefers a warm environment, so it is curled up on Becch’s belly.So those who have already put their meows and Wang on the belly and feel the feelings, and they can put them down, that’s it!

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