Dreaming of python giving birth to a boy?During pregnancy, why these "magical fetal dreams" appear

The baby’s "fetal dream" is always a topic that mothers are loyal to exchange discussions.

Most women will have some magical and strange "fetal dreams" before and during pregnancy.

These fetal dreams seem to be a special communication between the baby and the mother, which conveys special information to the mother.

Therefore, the people have always had the saying that "fetal dream mapping and judging the gender of the fetus".And many mothers’ "instances" also verify the magic of fetal dreams.

What is going on with the "fetal dream" of pregnant mothers?

The content of "fetal dream" really hides the baby’s gender?

Today, let’s talk about the magical baby dream.


Why does "fetal dream" appear?

Dreaming is the scene that the cerebral cortex does not completely suppress after falling asleep, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

Expectant mothers will find that during pregnancy, the number of dreams will be more and more frequent; and the dreams during pregnancy will be more tense, exciting, lively, and even absurd, and feel more realistic, and the memory is more profound after waking up.

And expectant mothers often choose to feel and impressed by themselves. There are some special things (such as: animals, flowers, fruits) dreams, and interpret it as a baby’s baby dream.

The different dreams during pregnancy are actually the physiological and psychological influence of pregnant mothers.

Sleep quality changes

In the early pregnancy, the emotions of pregnant mothers were often excited, and changes in the body also caused frequent nights and pregnancy reactions.

In the middle and late pregnancy, with the growth and development of the baby, the mother will feel the baby’s existence deeper.

The attention and care of the baby will also make the expectant mother’s spirit tighter.

These changes will affect the quality of sleep during pregnancy, and often in the state of light sleep, which leads to an increase in dream frequency.

Hormone influence

Pregnant mothers know that after pregnancy, hormone secretion in our body will change hugely.

These hormones, of course, do not stop when sleeping on the physiological and emotional of pregnant mothers.

Affected by hormones, things in the subconscious of pregnant mothers will be enlarged in dreams, and dreams will be more wonderful and real.

After dreaming, it was awakened immediately, and it also made the dream clearer.

I think about the day, and I dream of night

Many mothers have such experiences. They did not find a dream when they were pregnant. They really reached the baby and shouted.

In fact, these pregnant mothers may be consciously preparing for pregnancy, maybe from some physical changes to receive information about "might be pregnant".

Coupled with the effects of hormones, these "magical" fetal dreams have produced.


Fetal dreams to see fetal gender, is it impossible?

There are many ways to judge the gender of fetus in the folk, and the dream of fetal dreams is also a kind of keen on everyone.

Fetal dreams can be divided into many types from content: animal tire dreams, plant dreams, natural fetus dreams, dietary dreams, and so on.

For the snake in the dream of animal tires, dreaming of black snakes, pythons, and golden snakes are male treasures; flowers and snakes are female treasures.

In fact, the birth dream of pregnant mothers is affected by the expectations of the baby’s sex in their subconsciousness.

Just like some pregnant mothers dream of puppies and lambs, they think they are male treasures, but some pregnant mothers think they are female treasures.

These things that are interpreted through our subjective consciousness are ultimately influenced by our subjective consciousness and are not accurate scientific.

It’s like we have written about "judging the sex of the baby from the pregnancy line" before.

And some "correct cases" are just certain probability correctness.

Pregnant mothers do not have to care about the relationship between the baby dream and the baby’s gender.

You can treat them as a baby with themselves and enjoy this "magical dream".


Good sleep is more important than fetal dreams!

Many expectant mothers even have some terrible fetal dreams about babies in the middle and late pregnancy, such as premature birth, unfavorable production, deformities, etc.

Causes emotional tension and anxiety.

In fact, a large part of this is the dream of the healthy development of the baby’s healthy development of the baby in the pregnant mother’s subconsciousness, and it does not have much practical significance.

However, many pregnant mothers will be affected by dreams. Excessive worry, anxiety, and irritability.

Pregnant mothers may wish to relax their minds and think about it from another angle. This may be just that their subconsciousness is reminding themselves "to better protect the baby."

As long as you have regular check -up, a balanced diet, exercise appropriately, and maintain a pleasant mood.

Excessive care of dreams may hurt the baby.After all, the bad emotions of my mother are the most direct impact and harm on Taobao.

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