Don’t take a stomach pain during pregnancy, but don’t take it seriously. It may be the baby’s help signal.

Women also need to pay attention to many things in the early stages of pregnancy, especially for diet and health, because sometimes many diseases in pregnant women are caused by these.An ordinary thing, but it really needs to pay attention to pregnant women, so today I will tell you what happened to pregnant women.

There are two cases of symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy.

One is pregnancy complications. Common complications include threatened abortion and pathological symptoms of pathological pregnancy in the early stomach pain.

The other is that in the early stages of pregnancy, many of the pregnant mothers feel a little stomach pain. Sometimes they also have early pregnancy reactions such as vomiting. This is mainly due to the symptoms of symptoms in the early stomach of gastric acid secretion in early pregnancy.

Of course, these two situations are in terms of overall classification. The cause of symptoms in the early pregnancy stomach pain is far more than that.Caused by; changes and oppression of the relative position of the organs during pregnancy can also cause faint pain, or even pain in the lower abdomen.If the stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy is also accompanied by abnormal vaginal bleeding, and it is accompanied by abdominal pain and uncomfortable lower abdomen, it is likely to be a sign of miscarriage.These can cause stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy.

Pregnant women must also pay special attention to prevent the development of the central nervous system of the fetus. The following 4 points are issues that should be paid attention to in the early stages of pregnancy:

Pay attention to tiredness.Do not have too much activity in pregnant women before pregnancy, because it may cause threatened abortion, if vaginal bleeding and stomach pain.

Use drugs with caution.3 months before pregnancy are the critical period of the central nervous development of the fetus. Therefore, the use of drugs should be particularly careful.

Avoid radiation.The activity of the first three months of pregnancy is to try not to affect the development of the fetal nervous system as much as possible. Therefore, if you have to take X -rays as a last resort, you must also ask a doctor to illuminate with the lowest dose. Remember to cover your stomach with a protective cover.

Balanced diet.Six categories of foods need to be balanced during pregnancy.

Pay attention to the tossing of expectant mothers during pregnancy, for the baby’s health and her body.

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