Don’t stand the two physiological needs of pregnant mothers during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, a series of changes will happen in the body of the pregnant mother, and this special state will make the pregnant mother a special need.

At the same time, this also makes pregnant mothers very hard during pregnancy. It is necessary to worry about the baby in the belly, but also to bear the abnormalities caused by hormone changes.

Pregnancy, edema, insomnia, frequent urination … This pile of one piece is a "robbery" that can not escape during pregnancy.

In addition to the good needs of "inconvenience in the stomach and need to be supported", pregnant mothers often have some difficult needs, and they should also be satisfied.

During pregnancy, don’t stand the two physiological needs of pregnant mothers, it will be bad!

1. Sexual needs

Before pregnancy, pregnant mothers are only young women with normal physiological conditions, and there are many loves and six desires.

After pregnancy, people’s universal impression of pregnant women is "in a special period that needs abstinence", but it is obviously not the case.

Pregnant mothers actually have sexual needs in front of pregnancy, and the long nostalgia in October made the pregnant mothers stand hard.

However, this situation is also dependent on people. Some people "have no sexual interests" after pregnancy, and some people are "sexy" after pregnancy, but they are only worried that they can bear the fetus.

In fact, if the fetus has abnormalities such as normal development and no vaginal bleeding, the pregnant mother can also have sex.

In the middle of pregnancy, the fetus develops steadily, and the situation of pregnant mothers is stable. It is a good time for houses. However, pay attention to safety. The time should not be too long and the number of times cannot be too frequent. Once the pregnant mother feels uncomfortable, she should stop immediately.

2, toilet

The fetus gradually grows up, and the uterus is getting bigger and bigger. The space in the stomach of the pregnant mother is so much, including the other organs in the bladder, there is no room for space.

When the space of the bladder is small, there will be no urine, and the pregnant mother will frequently cause urine, and the endless goes to the toilet.

This situation is even more serious in the late pregnancy, and the inconvenience caused by the big belly caused a headache for pregnant mothers.

But despite this, pregnant mothers should still take the toilet in time when they have urine, and they should not hold urine. They should also pay attention to changing panties and keeping private hygiene.

Pregnant mothers are very hard to get pregnant. The prospective dads have more patience about the pregnant wife. The pregnant mother should not mention these two needs because of shyness and difficulty. After all, it is a family?

A good marriage wants to continue normally, good communication is essential. What needs to be proposed in time in time for pregnant mothers, and the husband knows as much as possible after knowing it, so that the pregnant mother can better spend the pregnancy and make the husband and wife feel the relationship between the husband and wife change.More firmly.

Dear mothers, did you put forward these needs to your husband when you were pregnant?

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