Don’t eat this kind of fruit, it can be killed seriously!Kunming is listed in large quantities

Since June, it is the season when litchi prevails. It tastes sweet but not greasy, and has won the favor of many diners with a unique taste, but it may not be a good thing for it.

After eating more than two pounds of lychee

Women are dizzy and disgusting into the clinic

On June 18, Ms. Li, who lives in Chengdu, bought two pounds of lychee. Because of the hot weather, the lychee in the refrigerator was very refreshing.EssenceIn the afternoon of the same day, Ms. Li, who was brushing the drama, began to have symptoms of nausea, dizziness, and then was sent to the clinic near home for treatment.After examination, Ms. Li was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, "the doctor said it was lychee disease."

When screening the incentives, Ms. Li remembered the lychee I ate after getting up in the morning. "Litchi is high sugar fruit, how can I get hypoglycemia after eating too much?" After taking oral glucose water in the clinic, there was no difference in 15 minutes.Ms. Li returned home.

When Ms. Li shared her experience with her friends, she found that there were still many people who had the same feeling as her. "Why do you have dizziness and nausea when eating too much litchi?

Every year, there are cases of "Litchi Diseases".

Expert: Eat a lot of lychee

After the blood sugar rises, it drops sharply

According to reports, once "litchi disease" occurs, it will cause hypoglycemia in the human body and may even cause hypoglycemia to encephalopathy.

Light symptoms will have symptoms such as dizziness, sweating, pale, fatigue, panic, thirst, hunger and other symptoms.Severe people may have cold limbs, decreased blood pressure, even twitching, coma, and even shock.Therefore, although the occurrence of "litchi disease" is rare, it cannot be underestimated.

According to media reports, children are the main group of "litchi disease".On the 18th, the relevant person in charge of the Lishui City Health and Health Committee of Zhejiang said in an interview with reporters that "children’s digestion and blood glucose regulation ability is weaker than adults.’The probability of’. "

Why are you eating high sugar fruit and hypoglycemia?The person in charge said, "This is because this is because the lychee is rich in fructose, glucose and sucrose, so after eating lychee, the blood sugar will rise rapidly. After the blood sugar rises, the human body will secrete a large amount of reactive insulin to reduce the blood sugar index. SoInsulin has decreased through the glucose in the body. But at this time, the fructose has not had time to convert it to glucose to supplement our blood sugar, so it eventually leads to a sharp decline in blood sugar.

The person in charge also reminded, "In fact, the elderly are also groups of hypoglycemia. I have encountered an elderly patient. She was diagnosed with hypoglycemia because she was greedy for litchi."

The person in charge suggested that according to the degree of blood sugar, you can supplement it through different foods. If it is mild hypoglycemia, you can eat carbohydrate diet, such as biscuits and steamed buns.Foods that quickly increase blood sugar, such as fruit sugar, chocolate, etc.; If blood sugar is further reduced and food cannot improve the patient’s hypoglycemia, it requires intravenous glucose.

How to avoid the occurrence of "litchi disease"?

Although there is a "litchi disease", we don’t have to give up the delicious food like litchi because of the waste of food.So how can you avoid the occurrence of "litchi disease" when eating lychee?

First of all, be sure to avoid "fasting" and "excessive consumption". The empty stomach is well understood. Eat some foods containing carbohydrates before eating lychee.

However, many people may have different understanding of "excessive" standards.In fact, ordinary adults eat about 200g of lychee every day, and the lychee of ordinary heads is about 10.If it is a large lychee king who has been popular in recent years, it is enough 4 to 5.If children want to eat, do not exceed 100g.If you are a patient with diabetes, don’t consider age, lychee cannot be eaten!

In addition, when eating lychee, you must choose cooked, do not eat immature lychee.Among the immature lychee, the toxin content is higher, the risk is greater, and the taste is not good.

However, it should be noted that the maturity of litchi cannot completely look at whether the shell is green to judge.After all, even if the variety of "concubine laughs" itself is ripe, it is green, so judging that the lychee’s raw maturity must be viewed according to the characteristics of the variety.

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