Don’t be afraid of flatulence after pregnancy. These 5 small moves are worth trying, or it can effectively alleviate

Pregnancy is a happy thing for women, but it is also a very difficult process, because there are many discomfort symptoms during pregnancy, and any symptoms cannot be ignored.It may affect the health of the fetus.During pregnancy, bloating is also a relatively common symptom. When flatulence occurs, exercise or sour food should be appropriately performed to avoid continuous increase of symptoms.

1. Proper exercise: Although women should rest more after pregnancy, they are not unable to do exercise. As long as there are no other problems in the body, they can properly perform some simple exercise or do some housework, especially the ability to do, especially the ability to do, especially for housework, especially the housework, especially the housework, especially the housework, especially the housework, especially the household chores, especiallyWhen you feel that your belly is flatulence, you should avoid lying down for a long time. You can go out and go to promote gastrointestinal motility and play a role in promoting exhaust and defecation.

2. Eat some sour food: If women feel flatulence and indigestion after pregnancy, they can eat more sour foods, such as oranges, oranges, grapes, tomatoes, kiwi, apples, etc.The role of it can play a very good effect of alleviating bloating.

3. Eat less meals: Many expectant mothers will deliberately increase nutrition after pregnancy, and eat a lot of each meal, so it also increases the chance of bloating in the stomach. When this happens, Avoid overeating, but should eat less meals to reduce the burden on the stomach and intestines.Secondly, you should also eat less indigestible foods and eat more vegetables, fruits, and coarse grains rich in cellulose.

4. Drink a small cup of yogurt: dairy products are rich in nutrients, including calcium and protein, as well as various amino acids and trace elements. For pregnant people, they are a type of food that must not be missed, and yogurt is a fermented dairy productNot only is the nutrition and more comprehensive, but it can also help the intestine provide probiotics and play a role in promoting digestion.So women who have flatulence in the stomach after pregnancy should often drink some yogurt.

5. Keeping stools smoothly: Belly bloating has a lot to do with the accumulation of too many feces in the intestine, because the accumulation of feces will be corroded and fermented by bacteria, which will produce a large amount of gas.Therefore, pregnant women who have flatulence and constipation problems should actively treat them through effective methods. They usually drink plenty of water and eat more vegetables and fruits containing crude fiber, and eat more fungus and bananas.

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