Dogs suddenly have big belly, may not be pregnant, but caused by excessive secretion of upper renal hormones.

Dogs, as mammals, can also suffer from various diseases like humans. One of them is Cu Xin’s disease, which is caused by long -term excess cortisol in the blood, which causes imbalances in adrenal cortex hormones.

Cortisol is produced and stored in the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands are two small glands "sitting" on the top of the kidney. When the dog is pressured, it will be released.If there is a problem with this system, and the dog’s body is not just because of pressure, it is also continuously secreting this hormone at other times, which will make the dog feel weakened in the long run.

The first reason is that there is tumor on the pituitary gland, called high adrenal cortex hormone (PDH).These tumors are usually small and non -cancer, and they are less malignant tumors.

The pituitary gland is located in the brain and is the "main gland" of the body.In conventional functions, an pituitary work is to detect when the cortisol level is reduced. In response, the vertical body can secrete an irritating substance, called Acth, which can cause more cortisols to secrete more adrenal glandular gland.When the body reaches the normal level of cortisol, the sagging of the brain will stop sending this information, and the adrenal gland will no longer secrete cortisol.

However, in the case of PDH, tumors cause excessive movement of the brain, which will indicate that the adrenal gonads must continuously secrete cortisol to cause excessive cortisol.This is the most common reason for Ku Xin’s disease. 85 % of the dogs are for this reason.

The second is adrenal tumor.

This reason caused the dog to get Kuhin’s disease about 15 %.This is a tumor located in the adrenal instead of the pituitary, and at the same time accelerates the operation of the gland.The adrenal glands begin to make too many cortisol. When this tumor "controls" the adrenal glands, the adrenal gland will no longer "listen to" pituitary body command.

These tumors are generally large (usually detected on ultrasonic waves), and the probability of malignant or benign tumors may be possible.Another problem that this type of tumor may cause is that the pituitary "see" sufficient cortisol in the body, and then stops generating ACTH.As a result, another adrenal (gonad without tumors) became shrinking because it was not used.

The third reason is the medical source Ku Xin

This is the result of long -term use of steroids or drugs containing steroids.This is not a disease problem from the dog’s own system, but from the influence of external hormones.Over time, the pituitary gland perceives that the body has obtained sufficient steroids (considers it is generated by the adrenal glands, the pituitary does not know it comes from the drug) and give up the signal to generate normal cortisol.Conversely, the adrenal glands stopped working and started to shrink.After the drug stops, this state that cannot naturally produce steroids in the body may last for several months.

From many clinical cases, the symptoms of this disease are also reflected a little bit, so many owners will treat it as "natural aging" and ignore it.The most easy manifestation of this disease in dogs is that dogs have increased urine, appetite suddenly increases, the belly becomes large, the fur becomes thinner, the skin becomes dark, and the muscles are not elastic and weak.In addition to these symptoms, Ku Xin’s late disease may also allow dogs to develop diseases such as bladder stones, diabetes and pulmonary thrombosis.

If the dog finds any signs of the above, it is best to take it to the hospital for examination.Because early discovery of early treatment is a better prognosis reaction.Proper treatment can allow dogs to live for 2-4 years.Because Ku Xin usually suffers from the age of the dog, it is a good result to extend the dogs for 2-4 years in the old age.

To learn more about the physical condition of dogs and some proper medical knowledge, we can make our dogs live more comfortably and healthy.

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