Dogs accidentally getting pregnant, can you terminate pregnancy?Which method is more reliable

When raising dogs, many people will choose bitches, because the bitch is more gentle, and the feelings are not so good to be a demon, and they are more suitable for living with the owner.But this requires a problem, that is, the problem of the bitch’s estrus and pregnancy.

As we all know, the dogs are in estrus through smell irritation. As long as the bitch is estrus, it will be watched by more than one male dog, which is really distressed.In case you accidentally pregnant, it is even more difficult.So many shovel officers will try their best to end this sin.

The veterinarian Xiaoming is let’s talk about the way to prevent dogs from getting pregnant or not, and have it hurting the dog?Which is more secure and reliable.

Related drugs and needles are really effective?

Drugs that prevent dogs from getting pregnant may also be the first way to think of shovel officers.First of all, for dogs and cats, there are currently no formal drugs in the market.And people’s medication is not effective for the dog’s termination of pregnancy. Not only that, it will also have side effects. There are cases that the cats can cause ovarian tumors after taking people for cats. This is a typical loss of lady and soldiers.Essence

The related needle to give the dog belongs to a hormonal preparation. To put it plainly, it is to give the dog and make the dog not estrus. It does not stop pregnancy for dogs.After a few months after the needle is tapping, the dog will still be in estrus, and it will also have side effects on the dog’s body, such as the hormone disorders in the dog’s body. Therefore, this method is not advocated, and this kind of needle is in the dogThe injection is useless after breeding.

The veterinarian Xiaoming believes that these methods are not as good as the dog’s estrus, or it is effective and safe to put on physiological pants directly to the dogs.

★ Injet abortion needle

Compared with the two unreliable ways of folk ways above the above, pet hospitals can be terminated to terminate pregnancy by injecting abortion drugs for dogs at this stage.But it also needs to be under a certain premise.

Dogs can be injected within 48 hours after breeding to interfere with fertilized eggs.However, the number of injections is not necessarily. It is necessary to look at the dog, that is, it is not done in a needle.

In addition, the longest time of the dog’s pregnancy cannot exceed 40 days, otherwise the fetal formation will not be clean. At that time, the surgery is still needed to be treated, which can be described as dual pain.

★ sterilization surgery

In fact, the most effective way to get dogs for pregnancy is to do sterilization surgery. Of course, the pros and cons of sterilization surgery also requires the shovel officer to measure it.The sterilization surgery is to remove the uterine ovarian nest and the testicles of the male dogs that make them unable to estrus and pregnancy. It can be said that it is the safest and the most secure way in the world.

When the dog accidentally conceives and shoves the shoveling officer and does not want to make it produce, it can be terminated by sterilization surgery. Of course, this also follows the principle of not being pregnant for less than 40 days. In principleThe lower the damage of dogs.

Sterilization surgery can generally be done after the dogs are 8 or 9 months old. They can also wait for their first estrus, that is, after sexual maturity, other specific surgery must be matched with doctors.

Of course, the veterinarian Xiaoming still wants to say a word here, even if the dog has a cub who has given birth to the shoveling officer to be satisfied, please ask you all the duty to raise them.Againing them at will, after all, it is also a small life!

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