Does the rear of the uterus affect pregnancy?How can I have better conception?

First of all, let’s find out what is the back of the uterus.Generally, women’s uterus can be divided into three positions in the front, middle and back, and different women will have different uterine positions. This is not a disease, but a normal phenomenon.A lot of psychological burdens.

There is a certain connection about the position of the uterus and the impact on pregnancy.Because for the fetus, the fetus is a greenhouse that is breed, and the uterus has a certain impact on conception.In addition to the position of the uterus, the depth of the uterus is also a factor.

We all know that in order to get pregnant, we must combine sperm of men and women’s egg cells. Men shoot semen into women’s vagina, and sperm in semen will "swim" all the way to women’s uterus.Only the strongest sperm can break through the difficult and dangerous obstacles along the way.Therefore, under the same conditions, the chances of women with deeper uterine women are less likely to conceive than women with lighter uterus. Of course, this is not absolute, and other factors must be considered.

Normally, the uterus will lean forward slightly, which is the most chance of conception.In the past, the horn of the uterus and vagina does not have a large angle formed by the uterus, so semen is easily blocked, and the chance of conception in the back of the uterine is relatively low.

There are two types of uterine backgrounds, one is backward, and the other is backward and back.In fact, the impact of the uterine position on conception is not as great as imagined.Of course, pregnancy is actually better. Many women in the back of the uterus want to adjust the back position. Of course, there is no way to adjust it. You can take a prone posture or the side of the chest and knees when sleeping.In this way, the position of the uterus can be adjusted slowly.

In addition, you can also take some measures during intercourse, such as: you can use a kneeling position behind the back, which is conducive to shooting semen deeper.Generally speaking, traditional men and women and women will cause semen to flow out of the vagina, so that the probability of conception will not be very high, and the kneeling position behind it can solve this problem well.Or in the traditional men and women, order a small pillow under the belly of the woman, which will help sperm to enter the uterus smoothly and increase the chance of conception.After the intercourse, it is best not to urinate immediately, so that semen and cervix can be fully exposed, so as not to flow out quickly.

All in all, the impact of the position of the uterus is not decisive for pregnancy rates, as well as female uterine development and men’s reasons, and naturally, it is the best.

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