Does the reaction during pregnancy show the child’s personality and some habit?Second child Bao Ma tells you the answer

Before having a child, I always thought that the child’s specific habits were the result of the influence of parents’ words and the influence of the teaching of the body, and it would be formed by the acquired days, and the child’s personality was also caused by the shape of the acquired environment.

However, when the mother discovered twice, in fact, some of the children’s individual characteristics include some habits and specific preferences after his birth. In fact, the mother had their own appearance when she was pregnant.

From the moment of pregnancy, some of the children’s congenia quality have been formed, and these traits will appear from the mother’s pregnancy response. If we carefully sort out various experiences during pregnancy, we will find that the child’s personality characteristics and preferences at that time will be at that time.You can observe it.

Sort out the preferences and personality characteristics of my two children, and combine the status and response during my pregnancy, at least the following three aspects can be seen during pregnancy.

When I was in Huai Dabao, I was a difficult family. I vomited almost twice a day in the first sixteen weeks. Later, it was once a day, or once every two days, and I spit until 30 weeks.

After 30 weeks, I do n’t vomit, but my appetite has been bad, I feel uncomfortable to eat, and I am strenuous.The only one smells fragrant, and some sweets are also fragrant, such as biscuits, cakes and the like.But because I need to control weight during pregnancy, I don’t eat much.

In order to ensure the nutrition of my child, I forced myself to eat more every meal. I really ca n’t eat some old godmother or tofu milk.

As a result, I found that Dabao’s eating habits seemed to have laid the foundation at that time: do not like to eat vegetables, not eating well.Some adults of the old godmother felt spicy, but he was eaten with interest.

Whenever I do n’t like to eat during pregnancy, he does n’t like to eat it. I can eat or eat during pregnancy. He also loves to eat.Such as the meat that tastes heavier, fried eggs, sweets, and so on.

When I was afraid of gestational diabetes due to fear of too high sugar, I eat less fruits.Eat a lot of peaches, apples, and watermelons. I did not expect that Dabao would only eat these fruits, and the others did not love to eat.

When I reached the two treasures, I occasionally felt nauseous except 13 weeks before it was completely stressful.Eat everything, eat it, and eat more varieties of fruit.

The two treasures of 20 months now do n’t pick up at all. You can eat and eat, and you can even eat more than half a bowl of white noodles or big white rice.Fruits are not even more, and they can eat any fruits, even the sour plums and blueberries, she can eat it with interest.

Therefore, when you are pregnant or not, you like to eat something, and the taste may affect the child’s future taste and eating habits.

When I was Huai Dabao, I especially didn’t like sports. I always felt tired and sleepy.When I get home, I just want to lie on the sofa and do nothing.Even if you go out for a walk, you can’t take a few steps and want to go home, let alone other pregnancy exercises.

When Dabao was young, I saw that he was "lazy" and didn’t like to move.For example, just after learning to walk, many children are unwilling to let adults hold them and have to walk by themselves.My Dabao did not see him like to walk more. As long as you go out, adults are holding.

If there are children playing together, if you don’t meet a child, it will not be willing to take a step at all.

Later, the kindergarten was also on the kindergarten. He was unwilling to walk from home to bus stops. Every day, grandma or I took a skateboarder to pull him to the bus station, and then pulled to school after getting down the bus.

Dabao is not the kind of natural and quiet child. On the contrary, he is very active a day, but as long as he calls him to go to the street dance or go to play basketball, he twists and does not want to go.He said that he didn’t like sports projects, he had to learn to paint and like to go to Go.

When I was in Huai Erbao, I took yoga lessons of more than 3 sections every week. I walked to get off work every day without feeling tired and mentally good.

Erbao is now 20 months old. I like to walk very much. I almost do n’t need to hold it when I go out. I also like to pick such uneven roads.

As long as she puts music at home, she jumped, and made some actions, making her grandparents laugh.It can be seen that in the future, it is a small sportsman.

Because Huai Dabao had a natural abortion experience before, when Huai Dabao was always a little nervous, it was easy to be anxious.

When you encounter a test during pregnancy, there is a data that is not right, and you will think about it every day and check all kinds of information on the Internet.And because of bad appetite, feel uncomfortable every day, and emotional affected.Sometimes inexplicable, I feel sad, tears, and become more urgent, and it is easy to excite.

Dabao’s personality is obviously easier to anxiety, and it is easier to excite. It is the kind of child who loves and cares.

Sometimes he was not very happy, and I asked him why he was unhappy, and he refused to say it.Sometimes when I say him, he will say "Mom doesn’t love me anymore."

He was too good at me at that time: I was suffering from losses and losses, emotional fluctuations, and liked to want to think about it.

When Huai Erbao had once experienced, the status of people throughout pregnancy was very relaxed, and their emotions almost did not fluctuate.Every time I was in Huai Dabao, my husband followed. When Huai Erbao, I went to the delivery inspection by myself, and I didn’t think it was wrong.

In addition, I still insist on practicing yoga during pregnancy, so I will not feel heavy throughout my body and mind. The only thing that I take in my heart every day is "this time it must be a daughter."He wished in the sky).

Erbao’s personality is much sighted than his brother. He does not like to cry, and it is not the kind of childhood child.Her empathy is also very strong. Seeing that the adult’s face was a little wrong, she would immediately change her expression.

If you see an adult laugh, although she doesn’t know what everyone is laughing, she will follow the back and back, and everyone laughs more joyfully when she sees her performance.

It can be said that she is a child with a "big heart", which is very different from her brother.

Although most of the children’s personality is due to the influence of the acquired environment, and it has a lot to do with the parents’ preaching teaching, in fact, from the moment the child is formed, many personality characteristics have begun to appear.

These characteristics and preferences may be displayed through the mother’s reaction during pregnancy, and they will also be affected and shaped by the mother’s pregnancy state.

This fully shows that the mother’s state during pregnancy not only shows some of the characteristics of the child’s natural characteristics, but also the state of the mother will also shape the child’s personality characteristics or preferences. Some characteristics will even have a continuous impact on the child’s life.

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