Does the endometrium thickness affect pregnancy?The three major yuan that leads to the thick endometrium of the uterus

Women’s body has a uterus and endometrium in the uterus, which mainly assumes fertility.Generally speaking, the uterus is used as an embryo home. The endometrium is the soil of nourishing the embryo, so the endometrium has an important role in women’s fertility.In clinical clinic, the phenomenon of thin endometrium or thick uterine endometrium is often seen. Many women have some understanding of the endometrium, but they do not know what the endometrium is thick and will it affect pregnancy?Why is the endometrium thick?

Does the endometrium thickness affect pregnancy?

On the day before menstruation, the thickness of the endometrium of the uterine will reach the highest value. When the menstruation comes, the endometrium will fall off, and it is excreted from the body with menstrual blood.After the end of the menstruation, the endometrium will start a new round of growth. At this time, the thickness of the endometrium is about 5 ~ 10mm, and the thickness of the endometrium will reach 8 ~ 12mm during ovulation.Suitable for embryonic composition.However, in the ovulation period, the endometrium thickness is too high by more than 13mm, and the fertilized eggs cannot penetrate the endometrium of the uterine. The development of bed in its position will affect conception.

Why do women’s uterine endometrium thicker?

1. There are chronic endometritis

The common cause of endometrium in the clinical clinical clinical is caused by chronic endometritis, because the continuous existence of inflammation caused the surrounding tissue to be stimulated and continuously proliferated, and eventually the endometrium was too thick.

2. Taking estrogen for a long time

The endometrium is affected by hormones. When a woman needs to take estrogen for a long time for some reason, it will continue to thicken under the stimulation of estrogen, and even the endometrium will cause endometrial cancer.

3. Endocrine disorders

Under normal circumstances, women will form luteum after ovulation. If there is no concerted lutein atrophy, menstruation will form a normal growth cycle.However, if endocrine disorders and insufficient hormone secretion, causing luteum to fail to shrink normally, the endometrium will continue to develop, which will eventually lead to too thick endometrium.

Warm reminder, endometrium is very important for women, not only affecting conception, but also affecting reproductive organs.Therefore, you should pay attention to it. Once you find that the endometrium is too thick or too thin, you need to seek medical treatment in time. It is found that the cause can be adjusted to make the uterine endometrium in normal state and avoid impact.In addition, it should be noted that the sexual life during menstruation is not possible. Menstrual life not only easily cause vaginitis, but also causes endometriosis. This is also a kind of behavior that hurts the uterus and affects the endometrium.

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