Does pregnant women have an impact on the fetus?

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After the reform and opening up, the economic level of our country has developed rapidly, and people’s living standards have also improved rapidly.female.Pregnant women can be regarded as high -incidence of high -incidence people, and 80%of women have different degrees of anemia during pregnancy.So does anemia affect the fetus?

The answer is yes, of course, it has an impact, and the impact is great.The first impact of anemia during pregnancy is the growth and development of the fetus, that is, it is prone to low -weight full -moon children, and affect the fetal iron reserve, which causes the fetal congenital body to poor quality. After birth, infectious diseases are prone to occur, and newborn pneumonia occurs.

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In addition to the impact on the fetus, the impact on pregnant women is also great. Severe anemia during pregnancy can cause severe edema, and even cause premature birth and hypertrophy. It can be seen that the anemia during pregnancy is not good for themselves or the fetus.

So how to avoid anemia during pregnancy?

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The first thing to do is prepare for pregnancy. Some pregnant women do not occur during pregnancy. Instead, anemia occurs before pregnancy or during the lack of iron. In the early stages of pregnancy, the presence of adequate appetite will not be eaten normally due to pregnancy.Therefore, doing a good medical examination before pregnancy and improving pre -pregnancy anemia and nutritional deficiency are the first line of defense to prevent anemia during pregnancy.

Secondly, regular pregnancy tests during pregnancy can be done regularly. Whether the severity of anemia and anemia can be understood by routine blood tests during pregnancy. Once anemia occurs, it will improve food and food therapy.The intake meets the needs of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

The last is the scientific arrangement and supplement of various nutrients based on the pregnancy week. If you don’t know if you are anemia before pregnancy, and the early pregnancy reaction is serious, then the early pregnancy is best to start in the early pregnancy.Add to ensure that there is enough iron to meet the needs of the fetus and pregnant mothers.

If you are not anemia before pregnancy, and early pregnancy reactions are OK, you can eat various foods normally, then it is recommended that you pay attention to the increase in the frequency of iron -rich food after 12 weeks of pregnancy, which is increased after 12 weeks of pregnancy.At the same time, pay attention to regular examination of blood routine. Once the hemoglobin is found to be lower than the reference value, an appropriate amount of iron supplement is required.

If your diet arrangement is good and there is no anemia during the birth checkup in the second trimester, then you will also start to replenish the iron, because the fetus will be reserved from 30 weeks of pregnancy until the reserve is 24g.A sufficient iron intake to meet the fetal reserves of the fetus on iron, which will cause the baby to deficient in the baby’s congenital iron, which will affect the baby’s congenital physique and cause low immunity.Growth and development.

Which foods are rich in iron?

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The most iron -rich foods are the total blood and animal liver of animals, followed by red meat. The iron in animal foods is a two -price iron, and the absorption utilization rate is high.Although the iron content is relatively high, they are all three -valent iron. They are also called non -heme iron. The absorption rate is far less than animal food. Therefore, it is not only available to enough animal foods every day, which can not only supplement high -quality protein, but also prevent anemia.EssenceBut the more, the better. The general population given by the Chinese Nutrition Society can increase 10-30g on the basis of 40-75g daily, and it should be arranged at least 2 times a week of animal liver or animal blood.It is better not to exceed 100g.

How can we truly improve the anemia during pregnancy?

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If you want to improve the anemia during pregnancy, in addition to iron supplements and more iron -rich foods, you must also pay attention to arrange foods rich in zinc, vitamin C, vitamin B2 and vitamin A. Vitamin C can promote iron absorption.It can also promote the combination of iron and protein to synthesize hemoglobin together. Vitamin B2 can promote iron transfer and storage. Vitamin A can promote iron absorption and utilization, because iron and zinc are absorbed in the same channel, and they often exist in food.Therefore, in addition to arranging more red meat -rich foods rich in high -quality protein, you must also pay attention to liver, milk, and green leafy vegetables rich in vitamin B2, liver rich in iron zinc vitamin A, and vitamin C with fresh fruits and vegetables.Only a balanced diet can ingest balanced nutrition, and proper attention should be taken to truly improve nutritional deficiencies.

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