Does pregnant women have an effect on the fetus?

Does pregnant women have an impact on the fetus?Mild cough has no effect on the fetus. If it is severe cough, it may cause increased abdominal pressure, cause uterine contraction, and increase the risk of abortion.

Mild cough itself has no effect on the fetus, but if it is severe cough, it may cause increased abdominal pressure, which will cause uterine contraction and increase the possibility of abortion.

Slowly cold, only sneezing, runny nose, and mild cough. It has no effect on the fetus. Pregnant women do not need to take medicine. They can pay attention to rest and drink plenty of water. They can often be cured.However, if pregnant women have a serious cough, they may affect the fetus. It is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment. After the doctor’s guidance, use the medicine. Remember not to blindly take the medicine by themselves to avoid adverse effects on the fetus.

Coughing during pregnancy is very uncomfortable. Pregnant women often hold their stomachs, but they dare not cough hard. Sometimes a little hard cough can easily cause urinary incontinence and make people very embarrassed.Pregnant women do not have an impact on the fetus, but long -term cough will have the following two hazards:

1. The indirect effects of high fever and metabolic disorders caused by colds. High fever and toxins can stimulate uterine contraction, cause miscarriage and premature birth, and increase the mortality rate of newborns.

2. The virus directly enters the fetus through the placenta, which may cause congenital heart disease in the fetus and rabbit lips, hydrocephalus, brainless and small head deformities.

Therefore, if pregnant women only have a cold cold, only sneezing, runny nose and mild cough, there is no need to take medicine. Pay attention to rest and drink plenty of water.If the symptoms are still not improved, or when there is high fever, drama cough, etc., you should go to the hospital for treatment. Do not take the medicine by yourself to avoid the right or affecting the growth and development of the fetus.

Pregnant women cough, first find the reason.Generally, when coughing, it should be relied on food therapy methods to avoid adverse effects on the fetus.

1. Cold

Cold is an important cause of coughing for pregnant women.If the symptoms of a cold are mild, you can use the method of dietary therapy and try not to use drug treatment.When you first cough, you can drink more cold water, and you can use pear, rock sugar, and red dates to cook water.Cut the pear into diced, cook with red dates first, and then add rock sugar to continue cooking.This method is simple and easy to drink. Drinking a few cups a day can help treat cough.Cold food therapy during pregnancy can effectively treat pregnant women with colds.

If the symptoms must be treated in the hospital, you should take the appropriate medicine in accordance with the doctor. Do not take your own medicine.

2. Physical weakness

Another important reason for pregnant women’s cough is that they have a yin deficiency in their constitution, and coughing will occur after pregnancy. When the baby is born, the symptoms of cough can disappear automatically.

In this case, you should pay more attention to the usual diet and relieve the symptoms of cough by diet. At this time, dietary therapy is different from the dietary method during a cold.You can choose some small recipes that have been circulating for a long time in the folks, such as rock sugar stewed pear, Sichuanbei stewed pear, sugar boiled kumquat, etc.

3. Bronchitis, laryngitis, and respiratory tract infection

These diseases can also cause cough. At this time, drinking some light saline can be very helpful and can also prevent it.Of course, the condition should still be medical treatment in time and follow the doctor’s order.

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