Does ovarian cyst occur during pregnancy, does it affect children?Doctor’s serious face: divide in 2 cases

The ovarian cyst is a common disease of women, and the ovary is inside the pelvic cavity, distributed on the left and right sides of the uterus, so it is not easy to find for early cysts.The ovarian cysts occur in all ages, which are related to genetic factors, endocrine factors, environmental factors, and lifestyles.

Pregnancy is a special period. If you suffer from ovarian cysts, it will cause trouble to pregnant women.Instead of care, the ovaries of the cyst will put pressure on the surrounding organs and tissues, threatening the health of the fetus.

There are ovarian cysts during pregnancy. Many pregnant women are worried. Can children still ask?In fact, there are two cases to discuss:

1. How can ovarian cysts appear during pregnancy?

1. Serious ovarian cysts

During pregnancy, if pregnant women have severe ovarian cysts, the body of pregnant women will have some unwell symptoms.Such as abdominal pain, abnormal leucorrhea, decreased appetite, nausea and vomiting.

These symptoms will affect pregnant women and fetuses, because the ovarian volume is large at this time, which has threatened the surrounding organs and tissues. If it is not treated in time and controls the development of ovarian cysts, there may be abortion.Essence

2. Light ovarian cysts

If pregnant women find ovarian cysts when they do B, and the cysts are less than 4cm, so don’t worry too much.Generally, conservative treatment, such as diet conditioning and pharmacological methods, ovarian cysts will not have a tendency to develop. After giving birth to a baby, observe the development of ovarian cysts to see if surgery is needed.

Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to physical examinations and diagnose some diseases at the beginning, which can reduce trouble during pregnancy.

2. Pregnant women have ovarian cysts, can children still give birth?

Ovarian cysts were found during pregnancy examinations. Pregnant women should not be afraid of the results of this examination, because bad emotions will affect the fetus.For example, it will cause the circulatory system disorders and early peeling of the placenta.

However, ovarian cysts should be valued and light. If the size of the cyst is not large and there is no trend of evil changes, then it can generally continue pregnancy.

And if the size of the cyst is large and there are evil changes, doctors generally recommend to terminate pregnancy and treat ovarian cysts.If this is not the case, pregnant women will face the risk of abortion and the spread of malignant cysts.

3. How to prevent ovarian cysts

After pregnancy, pregnant women need more nutrition, but for preventing ovarian cysts, they should still eat less for hormone foods. Choose pure natural green foods as much as possible. Do not eat overheated, too cold, and deteriorated foods.In addition, keep a good mood, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and develop a good law of life, so that the ovaries will remain healthy.

During pregnancy, many people encounter some small bumps more or less. For example, some of them will encounter the problem of ovarian cysts.When ovarian cysts occur, remember to discuss the condition, such as the size and development of the ovary.For severe ovarian cysts, we must make a good intention to start treatment and terminate pregnancy.

For ovarian cysts with small volume and slow development, and lighter ovarian cysts, they need to cooperate with doctors for related conservative treatment. Generally, children can continue to ask for this situation, so keep a good mentality so that the disease can be improved quickly.

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