Does it affect children’s health without accidental pregnancy?How to eat folic acid?

Two years of pregnancy, the "Xiaoli" in the group finally came from good news, and she was pregnant!However, because she did n’t want to conceive for too long, she did n’t have hope, so she did n’t eat folic acid. This time, she suddenly appeared “two bars”. She was happy and worried.Is it healthy?

Why is it recommended for women to replenish folic acid during pregnancy?What does it have?

If you can, of course, you hope that the child will get the nutrition when he is in the stomach, but many things are unexpected and are not ready in advance. Is it bad for the fetus?Not.

The main function of folic acid is to make the nerves of the embryo develop better. Of course, the best case is to eat three months in advance. In this way, the level of folic acid in the body is relatively sufficient, and there will be not enough folic acid. This is one for the fetus.Specifications can provide better growth conditions.

However, it is not said that the female fetus without supplement will be affected. If women usually do not have serious partial eclipse and the normal intake of various foods and vegetables, the body will have sufficient folic acid, which can already provide fetal nerve development.However, if the diet or picky diet before pregnancy is more serious, it is best to check whether there is adverse effects after diagnosis.If everything is normal, you don’t have to worry about it.

Fruit, vegetables, meat, grains, and nuts all have folic acid. Pregnant women may wish to eat more, and their diet should be comprehensive.

In addition to preventing neurotic defects, folic acid has two important functions

① Add folic acid to prevent fetal congenital heart disease

There is a large -scale study in China. The risk of children born with folic acid who started taking folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy decreased by 31%of congenital heart disease, of which 97%of the prevention effect on the ventricular ventricle can reach 97%.

② Supplementing folic acid can help reduce the risk of gestational diabetes

US research found that women with 400 μg and 600 μg folic acid have decreased by 22%and 30%than women who do not eat folic acid.

How should folic acid be eaten?Is it good for domestic or imported?

It is recommended to put the medicine after meals to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort.

Preparation and early pregnancy, eat 0.4 or 0.8mg a day.If you live in areas where fruits and vegetables are lacking, or doctors find that folic acid levels are low after examination, the supplementary time can be extended.

If the previous fetus has a history of neurophastin, or the history of congenital heart disease, women have a history of gestational diabetes. Folic acid should be supplemented in advance before preparing for pregnancy, and dosage is added under the guidance of a doctor.

Folic acid can choose ordinary ones. Some prices are several times more expensive. It is not how good the effect is. Instead, other nutrients are added inside, or foreign brands premium. In fact, it is not necessary.What about it?

No matter how expensive the folic acid tablets are, how beautiful the promotion is, the essence is the same, and the extract is the same. The role of the human body and the fetus is the same.better.

After pregnancy, which postpartum inspections are essential?What precautions?

The epidemic has not ended, and some areas are controlled, and it is inconvenient to enter and exit. There are also public places in some areas. What should women do in a special period?

First of all, check according to the gestational week. This can be used according to the doctor’s instructions. When will the examination, the doctor will issue a checklist and just check it on time.For example, NT examinations, early Tang sieve, ultrasound, row deformed, sugar resistance, fetal heart monitoring and so on.

The number of fetal heart monitoring in the third trimester will increase. Check the liver and kidney function and prepare for production. If the fetal location is not good, it needs to be adjusted as soon as possible.During this period, if women find bleeding, decreased fetal movement, abdominal pain, etc., they should seek medical treatment immediately.

Secondly, try to check in the same hospital as much as possible. The personal diagnosis and treatment information is relatively complete, which is helpful for the establishment of fetal archives in the later delivery.It is recommended to choose a three -level hospital near home. If you have problems, you can solve it as soon as possible.

It is a difficult problem for pregnant women to line up. Not only are they tired but also consumes time. It is recommended to make an appointment from the Internet in advance. Some platforms can be registered one week in advance. Experts have a consultation and class consultation. Pregnant women should pay more attention.

In addition, when you go to the hospital, you should accompany your family to drive a private car to reduce the contact of the personnel. Before entering the hospital for protection, keep a certain distance from others. You can install some disinfection and sanitary products in the handbag.

Finally, pregnant women should measure weight and body temperature frequently at home. Those with blood pressure can also be measured.Do some simple exercise, housework, listen to light music, clean up the products for production, write diary, etc., make your mood less nervous.

Since the child has worked hard for you for 99 steps, please believe that he/her is not so easy to leave you. You only need to welcome it with a gentle heart.

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