Doctor: It is not recommended to take medicine with Yiyang, and it is not recommended to carry it hard. These points must be understood

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He Tongqiang, chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Northwest Women and Children’s Hospital, mentioned in an interview with reporters: It is not recommended that pregnant mothers need to take medicine when they are sunny.balance!

Now there are antigen sales on the Internet, so mothers can detect whether they are positive at home. After being positive, some mothers are very panicked. I think that since I am positive, I have to take medicine, but I take medicine when I am pregnant.It will affect the health of the fetus, so the mother will be tangled!

Some mothers are already uncomfortable, but they are still carrying it. I saw a netizen on the Internet that she posted a photo of her wife 8 months pregnant. This 8 -month -old mother was very uncomfortable after being positive, but she dared not eat it.The medicine, holding it hard, all cried.

Some netizens said: Don’t carry it hard. If you are uncomfortable, take medicine or go to the hospital!

Therefore, many pregnant mothers will have two extremes. One is that once the sun is sun, I think of taking medicine. The other is the yang, and the fever and fever are uncomfortable.Essence

In fact, mothers do n’t have to be too tangled, as Director He said, do n’t take medicine if it is not too serious, but if you have symptoms, you need to take medicine!

First: There are no obvious symptoms, don’t take medicine casually

There are no obvious symptoms. Pregnant mothers can drink plenty of water, or drink a little bit of Luo Han Guo. If you feel uncomfortable, you can simmer some Tremella Sydney soup to drink, which can play a role in moisturizing the lungs.

If it is slightly hot and not too high, you can drink white water or onion white and a little ginger to play a role of sweating, you can retreat the low heat.

Second: If the fever exceeds 38 degrees, then use the medicine

If pregnant mothers have a fever of more than 38.5 ° C, they can use acetaminol, which is verified by the safety of acetaminol. Children of more than two months can be receded with acetaminol.

Moreover, there are not only eaten acetaminol, but also suppository, which can be plugged in the buttocks. This use will be more convenient and safer!

Third: If nasal congestion, you can use sea salt water nasal spraying agent

Mom can use sea salt water to spray nose when the nasal congestion. It can spray five or six times a day, which can relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion. As long as it can be relieved, there is not much problem.

In addition, sea salt water can also be used by babies. The safety factor is relatively high. Moms do not have to worry about affecting the health of the fetus.

Fourth: If it is more sputum, you can use a amproquidthrin

Aurbuetlin is also a kind of expectorant medicine commonly used by children. It is mainly to play a role in expectorant. Many mothers are because there are many sputum in the throat, and the sputum of the throat will naturally not cough.

Of course, the suggestions of these medications above are based on the mother’s only symptoms of positive and uncomfortable symptoms.

But if the pregnant mother is not only positive, but also has abnormal fetal movement, or her own blood pressure is rising, or it is very uncomfortable with whole body soreness, then at this time, it is time to go to the hospital to go to the hospital.

Before going to the hospital, you must call the hospital to consult. When pregnant women go to the hospital for medical treatment, which department does it need to go to, and then what do you need to prepare?In this way, we can avoid strolling around in the hospital, and waste of time will increase the risk of infection!

And there are a large amount of data that the new crown virus does not have maternal and infant transmission, that is, the placenta can filter out the virus. Even if the mother has positive, the probability of the fetus will be relatively low, but the premise is that the mother must not take the medicine.

For example, acetaminophen, amprolytic saline, these are drugs that are safer babies, but some other Chinese medicines or Chinese medicines are also used under the advice of a doctor.

And pregnant mothers should never carry it hard. For example, if you have a high fever or do n’t take medicine, and carry it hard at home, it will cause harm to the fetus!

In fact, as long as pregnant mothers do a good job of protecting, the probability of positive is lower than the average person, because the pregnant mother will have a higher hormone level in the body during pregnancy. In fact, the level of immunity is relatively high.

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