Do you want to check before pregnancy?Prepare to check those things, tell you clearly at a time

Many young people now do not go to the hospital for physical examination in advance. Some have worked hard for half a year before they feel that there may be problems before going to the hospital to check their bodies.Some people feel that they usually have no problem in physical examination, and they should not be so troublesome, but the result may not be so smooth.Preparation examination is not to be able to give birth to children, but to be able to have a healthy child.Ordinary general medical examinations are mainly based on the most basic physical examination, and pre -pregnancy examinations are mainly inspected by the reproductive system and related immune systems and genetic history.Next, I will tell you about some things related to preparing for pregnancy.

When it comes to going to the hospital, everyone is in trouble.I feel that the queue is troublesome. It is true that hospital services cannot keep up with country’s medical care is a popular type rather than a service type, which requires time to improve.But ordinary pregnancy tests do not need to go to the three hospitals.Under normal circumstances, obstetrics and gynecology hospitals, maternal and child hospitals, and obstetrics hospitals can do pre -pregnancy examinations.

And now some places are free of pre -pregnancy examinations. In some places, in order to perform eugenics policies, some pre -pregnancy examinations are free, such as Guangdong and Beijing.If you want to understand the specific situation, you can go to the local medical insurance office for understanding.Pre -pregnancy examinations need to be done by men and women. Try to exclude tension, especially for men.

Women: Avoid menstruation, it is better to check 3 to 7 days after choosing menstruation;

I should abstinence 3 days before the inspection. Do not stay up late the day before the inspection to ensure that the mental state is good. Do not use the washing liquid to clean the pussy, so as to do daily cleaning;

Do not eat and drink water after 12 pm the day before the inspection.You need to check an empty stomach in the morning. You can buy some bread and eat after the inspection;

You need to drink more water before the B -ultrasound.Generally, drink a bottle of 500ml bottle of water within 1 hour.

Some privacy questions will be asked during the pregnancy test, answering truthfully, and doing psychological construction in advance.

Men: Three days in advance, too long or too short may affect the quality of sperm.Keep an empty stomach for more than 8 hours before drawing.

During pregnancy, the violent changes in estrogen can cause the mouth and gums to react, that is, the wisdom teeth that are usually not inflamed are likely to suddenly suddenly inflammation during pregnancy.If you think about it, you ca n’t use anesthetic during pregnancy. Smart teeth are inflamed and surgery, which will cause great trouble.Therefore, you need to check the mouth before preparing for pregnancy, and take out the hidden dangers and solve it before pregnancy.

If you think about forbearance, you have passed. During pregnancy, oral problems are serious, and toothache every day, can you still eat meals?Can nutrition guarantee?The health of the fetus is delayed due to oral problems, not worth it.Oral examination before pregnancy is mainly for periodontal diseases, dental caries, crown inflammation, and obstructing wisdom teeth. It would be better if you can wash your teeth by the way.

The chance of modern people infertility is increasing, and having a child requires a lot of energy and financial resources, which is very different from the previous casual raw random raising. Therefore, parents who want to make their pregnancy and pregnancy are more smooth.Be sure to prepare in advance according to scientific suggestions to give birth to a healthy baby.

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