Do you think the durian is so smelly?But these three benefits are "fragrant"!

Every year in the season of eating durian, there will be a saying about "durian can cure dysmenorrhea".So is the saying that "durian can cure dysmenorrhea" is not scientific?What are the benefits of durian?Let’s talk seriously today.01 Is it true to eat durian dysmenorrhea?As a tropical fruit, durian is loved by people because of its huge fruit shape and unique flavor.The nutrition in durian is extremely rich, containing a large amount of sugar and high calories. The protein content is 2.7%[1], the fat content is 4.1%, and the carbohydrates are 9.7%.

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Durian sugar is high and high in calories. Crimination of sugar can promote a large amount of dopamine in the body [11]. Dopamine is a neurotouted substance that makes people feel better.EssenceTherefore, patients who have no organic lesions may relieve dysmenorrhea symptoms during menstrual period.For menstrual girls, blood loss is annoying. It happens that the rich iron elements in durian help to alleviate women’s anemia to a certain extent.Durian is the "life -saving straw" of menstrual women, which is a bit exaggerated.When you use Mengxuan durian to fight the pain, don’t forget the high calories of durian.Take a whole durian (about 600 grams of flesh) as an example, eat all, eat about 20 grams of fat and 170 grams of carbohydrates, consume about 879 kcal energy, eat more durian with pain while relieve pain, be careful, and be careful.The pain of weight loss after menstruation.However, because durian contains more energy, it can be converted into high blood sugar in the body. Excessive blood sugar can change the vaginal pH value and micro -environment, increase the occurrence of vaginitis, especially the mold vaginitis.In general, eating durian has only a certain relief for some dysmenorrhea people. If it is really painful, it is more appropriate to seek medical treatment.In addition, if you eat too much durian, you must be careful of excessive intake of calories and the occurrence of vaginitis. Be careful not to lose.There are many advantages of durian, so that people who like to eat durian love them even more, and let people who respect durians gradually like this kind of fruit with unique flavors.

02 Eating durian has these benefits 1. There are high -content vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, calcium, zinc, glutamic acid, and citrinine.A large number of studies have shown that vitamin C has a wide range of physiological functions in the body. Vitamin C can inhibit nitrite and amine nitrosamine, which has anti -cancer function [1].Vitamin A is a vitamin of anti -dried eye disease, which can promote cellularization, protect vision, treat night blindness, and prevent cancer [3].Therefore, the physiological function of vitamins in durian cannot be ignored. Taste durian can prevent physical discomfort caused by vitamin deficiency.But whether the durian itself is anti -cancer, it still lacks scientific verification.2. Improving the body’s immunity durian fruit is rich in citrus and glutamic acid. They are important prefaces of organic macromolecules of organisms. Participating in the synthetic metabolism of the material may improve the body’s immunity and regulate the acid -base balance in the body., Improve the body’s stress ability.

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3. Medicinal value Modern medicine shows that the protein hydrolyzed enzyme extracted from durian juice and peel can promote the hydrolysis of fibrin in the body after orally, dissolve blood clots, and improve the local circulation of the body fluid, thereby eliminating inflammation and edema.Clinical can be used for anti -edema and anti -inflammatory drugs.Durian proteases are used together with antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs. It can promote the penetration of drugs to lesions and can be used for diseases such as inflammation, edema, thrombosis and other diseases caused by multiple causes [4].You may not imagine that in addition to the "treasure" of durian, durian skin is also useful.The polysaccharide ingredients extracted in durian skin have a moisturizing effect.The researchers chose the 22 volunteers between the ages of 20 to 38 and used a single -blind method to inspect the moisturizing effect of durian skin polysaccharides. The results showed that durian skin polysaccharides can improve the skin’s firming and water content.[8]

From this point of view, both durian flesh, durian shell, and durian seeds can be used from all aspects.But durian is not wise as a "life -saving straw" during the menstrual period.


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Source: Science Popularization China

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