Do you often dizzy during pregnancy?Maybe it’s a ghost of blood pressure

During pregnancy, there are not only stinks such as pregnancy, constipation, and pregnancy diabetes. Many pregnant mothers will dizzy and edema after 20 weeks.Don’t think that this is just a simple pregnancy response. You should inform your doctors for further examination in time, because this may mean that high blood pressure during pregnancy is to find you.Some pregnant mothers may think that I am so young, how can I be so young, isn’t that the illness of the elderly?This concept is very wrong. The incidence of stood hypertrophy in my country is as high as 9.4%, which will not only cause complications such as early peeling of the mother placenta, pulmonary edema, coagulation dysfunction, cerebral hemorrhage, heart failure, postpartum hemorrhage and postpartum blood circulation failure, etc. It will cause insufficient blood supply to fetal placenta and decreased placental function, leading to internal distress and delay in the fetus, and severe cases can cause fetal death.

What is hypertension during pregnancy

1. Hypertension during pregnancy refers to the increase in blood pressure (BP ≥ 140/90mmHg) during pregnancy. There is no urine protein, and blood vessel complications are rare.Restore normal hypertension 12 weeks after delivery;

2. Pregnant mothers who have diagnosed hypertension before pregnancy do not belong to hypertension during pregnancy, but are chronic hypertension with pregnancy;

3. Hypertension during pregnancy is temporary. If it is not controlled, it may develop into the early stage of eclampsida, and it may also be transformed into chronic hypertension in the 12 weeks after birth.Therefore, after 20 weeks of pregnancy, if the blood pressure continues to rise, it should be treated as soon as possible to avoid harming the life of the mother.

Self -testing of hypertension during pregnancy

Blood pressure exceeds 140/90mmHg

Edema, and no relief for a long time, non -simple edema

Upper abdomen discomfort, pain


Pregnant mothers with the above symptoms should inform the doctor during the checkup to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

The causes of hypertension during pregnancy are complicated. Age, obesity, family genetic, malnutrition, gestational diabetes, emotional anxiety, high stress, and high uterine tension can cause hypertension during pregnancy.Especially prenatal obese mothers and elderly mothers should pay special attention to hypertension during pregnancy.

How to prevent pregnancy in life

1. Stay away from obesity

Obesity is one of the important causes of hypertension. The weight gain during pregnancy is too fast, and it is also one of the risk factors of pregnancy hypertension."China Guide to China Hypertension Prevention (2010)" pointed out that hypertension patients with obesity hypertension will decrease after weight loss.

Physical Index (BMI) can correctly reflect a person’s constitutional state. The "Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension during pregnancy (2015)" states that: BMI ≥ 28 kg/m² is the high risk factors in the early stage of eclamps;18.5 ~ 25.0 kg/m², the abdomen is controlled within 80 cm to reduce the risk of hypertension during pregnancy.

Women who are obese before pregnancy should lower their weight to reasonable standards before preparing for pregnancy. Women during pregnancy should arrange diet reasonably, but to supplement nutrition and rationally control their weight growth.

2. Low -salt diet

High -salt diet is an important cause of hypertension. According to the suggestion of "Dietary Guide of Chinese Residents (2016)", each person per person is 6g of salt intake.However, the survey showed that Chinese residents cooked 10.5g of salt per day.

1. Choose low sodium salt

The boosting effect of salt is mainly caused by sodium, so instead of low sodium salt instead of ordinary salt is necessary for pregnancy hypertension.

2. Use a special amount of spoon to change the heavy taste

When cooking food, you can choose a small spoon specially used to call salt weight. Each spoon is 2g per tablet to facilitate the control of salt.

3. Be wary of invisible salt intake

In addition to salt, some foods contain a large amount of sodium (or salt), such as soy sauce, oyster sauce, sauce, pickles, shrimp skin and sea rice, salted duck eggs, pickled vegetables, monosodium glutamate, noodle alkali, soda, preservatives, preservatives, preservatives, preservatives, Tonent, loose agent.Although these foods are not salt, they all contain more sodium, which can be called "invisible salt". Frequent consumption is not good for pregnant women with hypertension.

Third, add food rich in calcium

Calcium is not only a nutrients necessary for the growth and development of the fetus, tooth beds, etc., but also helps the blood pressure stable or decreased.Pregnant mothers can increase calcium -rich foods rich in low -salt, low fat, and rich in high -quality protein, such as dairy products, soy products, fish and shrimp, sesame, etc., and can also take calcium supplements orally.

4. Appropriate increase in physical activity

Proper exercise can effectively relax the spirit, control weight, and regulate the plant nervous system, which helps vascular expansion.Therefore, unless the doctor asks the expectant mothers to stay in bed, other situations can do some mild physical activities, such as walking and simple housework, it is recommended to perform at least 30 minutes a day a day for at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise per day of aerobic exercise.Essence

5. Avoid second -hand smoke

In order to reduce the cardiovascular risk factors of patients with hypertension, smoking or avoiding second -hand smoke is needed.Nicotine and carbon monoxide in tobacco can cause atherosclerosis and cause abnormal blood vessel endothelial function, induce vascular spasm, and further increase the vascular damage of patients with hypertension during pregnancy. ThereforeSecond -hand smoke.

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