Do you need to go to the hospital for examination?

In order to improve eugenics, the public is already familiar with examinations during pregnancy.However, few people went to the hospital for pregnancy to check before pregnancy.What are the contents and need to be done before pregnancy?

Pre -pregnancy examination refers to a physical examination before the husband and wife prepare for pregnancy to ensure that healthy babies are given to health, so as to achieve eugenics.Pre -pregnancy examination is different from conventional medical examinations, mainly for inspection of reproductive systems and genetic factors.The pre -pregnancy examination of both husband and wife, the pre -pregnancy examination, is the basic guarantee for the health of the child’s life.Healthy babies must first be a combination of health sperm and eggs, so men also need to check.The best time before pregnancy is 3 to 6 months before pregnancy.

Women’s pre -pregnancy examination includes:

1. General examination: such as height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate measurement, etc. determine whether the mother can tolerate childbirth, and whether the birth canal can be delivered.

2. Laboratory examination: five tests of liver function, hepatitis B serum science, renal function, blood type, rubella virus IgG antibody measurement, bowworm IGM and IgG antibody measurement, giant cell virus IgM antibody and IgG antibody measurement, pure herpes zoster virus virus virus, Mediterranean anemia screening, syphilis spiral screening, AIDS antibody, sex hormone level measurement, and so on.These examinations are used to determine whether the mother has infectious diseases, parasites, and genetic diseases that affect pregnancy and fetal growth.

3. Other examinations: ECG and imaging examination, gynecological examination, chromosomes (if necessary, obey your doctor’s advice), have diabetes, hypertension, and excessive obesity.The entire pregnancy period.

Men’s pre -pregnancy examination includes:

Except for some of the above examinations, the testicular testicular is the main difference between women.When there is a problem with the development of testicular development, you must first ask your parents if you have suffered from mumps when he was childhood, whether he had cryptor testis, testicular trauma and surgery, testicular pain and swelling, sheath effusion, oblique hernia, urethral pus pus, pus, pusWait, provide this information to the doctor and consult carefully.

Do not drink before the medical examination before pregnancy, but also limit the intake of high -fat and high protein to prevent the use of preparation particles that affect liver and kidney function.3 to 5 days before the inspection, the diet should be light, it is best not to eat blood -containing foods such as pig liver and pig blood.And after 12 pm the day before the inspection, you should completely fast.Empty stomachs need to be used for blood and liver and gallbladder B -ultrasound.During the X -ray examination, it is recommended to wear cotton underwear. Do not wear clothes and bras with metal buttons. Please remove metal items such as necklaces, mobile phones, pens, keys, etc.Women who are pregnancy and may be pregnant should first inform the health inspection service staff to do X -ray examinations with caution.Women must avoid menstruation during pregnancy.

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