Do you need hemorrhoids before pregnancy?What should I do if I have hemorrhoids when I am pregnant?

Due to pregnancy, hormones secreted by the body easily relax the smooth muscle of the blood vessel wall, and increase the blood vessels of the uterus to compress the abdominal cavity. This will cause the pregnant woman’s original hemorrhoids to be serious or new hemorrhoids.Therefore, if women who have hemorrhoids should actively treat hemorrhoids before pregnancy.

Why do pregnant women cause "hemorrhoids" upper body?

There are two cases of new mothers who have hemorrhoids: one is originally an old illness, recurrence after pregnancy; the other is new growth after pregnancy.Experts say that after pregnancy, the fetus continues to grow, and the uterus is increasingly expanding, so that the cavity veins are directly compressed and the normal flow of blood will be affected.Coupled with the increase in abdominal pressure, the pressure in the blood vessels also increased, which eventually led to the expansion of the hemorrhoids to form or increase the hemorrhoids.

How to prevent hemorrhoids from getting worse?

If the expectant mothers have already experienced hemorrhoids before pregnancy, do not let the symptoms expand further.

First of all, a reasonable diet, do not overeating, causing too much pressure on the rectum.You can eat less meals, avoid irritating foods such as spicy and acidic, and do not eat excessive foods. You must match it reasonably.

Secondly, pay attention to local cleaning, insist on warm water, and massage the perianal tissue for 3-4 minutes to accelerate blood circulation.

Third, don’t sit on the sofa and avoid sitting in the computer for a long time.

Fourth, it is to practice anal contraction, and consciously carry out 3-5 anal lifting 3-5 times a day.

Fifth, do not abuse irritating drugs by yourself, such as musk, borneol, mother -in -law, and hemostatic agent for treatment.If the symptoms are worse, you must go to the anorectal clinic in the regular hospital in time.

How harmful does hemorrhoids have to pregnant women?

When facing the hemorrhoids of pregnant women, many people will have some misunderstandings, thinking that hemorrhoids are only minor diseases, and it does not have much to do. Under the major responsibility of childbirth, everything can be pushed back.During pregnancy, the health of the baby is the most important. If you treat the use of drug injections, it may affect the development of the fetus and so on. In fact, they often ignore the harm caused by hemorrhoids.

In order to ensure fetal growth, pregnant women need sufficient nutrition than ordinary people.Hemorrhoids often repeatedly bleed and accumulated over time, which can lead to anemia. Symptoms such as dizziness, shortness of breath, fatigue, and poor mental mentality will not only affect the health of the pregnant woman themselves, but also affect the normal development of the fetus.Causes premature birth or death.Internal hemorrhoids or mixed hemorrhoids can be removed from the anus to a certain extent. As the hemorrhoidal block continues to become larger and out, and even when pregnant women are walking and coughing abdominal pressure slightly, the hemorrhoids can be removed and cannot participate in the activity.The burden of spirit and physical strength.

In addition, due to the gradual increased abdominal pressure, especially in the late pregnancy, many pregnant women have double limb swelling, the anal vein dilation, and the blood stasis increase. FinallyIt is difficult to repay, take off, or embedded meal, which brings great pain to the mother, and even affects the physical and mental health of the entire puzzle and maternity leave.

How to prevent hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

1. First of all, develop good eating habits.Pregnant women should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits in their daily diet. In particular, pay attention to eating more foods rich in crude fiber, and eat more coarse grains, such as corn, sweet potatoes, millet and so on.Pregnant women should pay attention not to eat or eat less spicy foods and condiments. At the same time, they must also develop the habit of drinking more water. It is best to drink some light saline or honey water.

2. Second, develop good bowel habits.Pregnant women should develop a good habit of timing defecation.The bowel movement time should be relatively fixed, and it is generally set after a meal.Once the bowel habits are formed, do not change easily. At the time of defecation, you must insist on the toilet even if there is no intention.But do not take more than 10 minutes at a time of each squatting toilet.If you can’t get out at a time, you can get up and rest for a while.Do not squat in the toilet to read books and newspapers, but increase the pressure of blood flow around the abdominal pressure and blood flow around the anus, leading to hemorrhoids or aggravating hemorrhoids.

3. In addition, some physical activity and anal health should be performed appropriately.Pregnant women should prevent sitting for a long time and advocate appropriate outdoor activities.A moderate amount of physical activity can enhance physical fitness, promote intestinal peristalsis, increase appetite, and prevent constipation.You can do anal shrinkage twice every morning and evening, 30 to 40 times each time.This is conducive to enhancing the strength of the pelvic floor muscles and the blood circulation around the anus, and it is conducive to defecation and prevent hemorrhoids.You can also do anal massage frequently to improve the local blood circulation. The method is to clean the local area with warm water after defecation, and then press the anus with a hot towel, and massage 15 times in the direction of clockwise and counterclockwise.

How to treat pregnant women with hemorrhoids?

When pregnant women are more severe, they can choose Men Run intestine pills or ground Yuhuaijiao pills; bleeding can be appropriately selected with hemostatic drugs, such as hemostasis and vitamin K, C, etc.Take a bath, use Jiuhua Cream, Sihuang Cream, hemorrhoids and other drugs; and try to avoid long -standing and sedentary, you should rest properly and move appropriately.

In short, after women suffer from hemorrhoids in the later pregnancy, they generally do not advocate surgical treatment immediately. The above conservative therapy can be used, and further treatment is done after giving birth.This is because the abdominal pressure is reduced after childbirth, the degradation of venous return disorders, and the decrease in the progesterone content in the body.The hemorrhoids generally shrink or shrink within 4 months.If the symptoms disappear at this time, the suffering of surgery can be exempted.If there are still hemorrhoids, surgical treatment is performed, because at this time, the hemorrhoidal nucleus has become significantly smaller than during pregnancy.The pain of surgery will be relatively reduced and the treatment will be significantly shortened, so we advocate that we should try to avoid surgical treatment during pregnancy.

How do pregnant women avoid postpartum hemorrhoids?

In order to ensure no anorectal diseases in postpartum, it is also recommended:

1. indoor air circulation, do not have too high room temperature, and keep room temperature around 24 ° C.

2. The climate in spring is dry, and the humidifier is placed indoor to keep the indoor humidity of about 45%~ 50%.

3. Do not take a bath.To use a shower, it is best to rinse the vulva with flow water.

4. Reasonable diet, get out of bed early, urinate in time to avoid urine retention in the bladder, affect the shrinkage of the uterus and the discharge of lochia.

5. It is best to use disinfected toilet paper and sanitary napkins.

6. Once anorectal disease occurs, you must see a doctor in time.When breastfeeding, tell the doctor that you are a mother who is breastfeeding for the baby so that the doctor can prescribe the drug that does not affect the mother’s lactation.

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