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On March 5th, Dr. Cui and Xu Yuanchun, deputy dean of Beijing Honghe Maternity Hospital, a subsidiary of Yue Academy, conducted a live broadcast on the theme of "Prevention and Control of Maternal Maternal" during the epidemic.During the live broadcast, many netizens regret that their questions have not been flipped. So today, Xiaoyuanzi sorted out everyone’s doubts about "Prevention and Control of Maternity" and answered uniformly!

1. What examinations must be done by pregnant women?

Answer: During pregnancy, the regular checkup is about 11-13 times.The following projects are not only a must -do inspection during pregnancy, but also must be ensured that it is meaningful to complete at the corresponding time period. Different test items cannot be replaced by each other.

2. Do you need to do a four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound/examination?

Answer: In fact, it is not necessary. The four -dimensional examination is not a conventional examination. It only needs to be done in some special circumstances, such as checking whether the fetal heart is malformed, and the four -dimensional examination requires a professional and four -dimensional check -qualification hospital.Although the theoretically four-dimensional inspection belongs to non-invasive ultrasound, it takes about 40-60 minutes for the four-dimensional inspection. Under the environment of such examination for a long time, it may affect the development of the fetus’s eyes and heart.

3. The production difference is 2 months and 35 years old. Do I need to do amniotic fluid puncture or non -invasive DNA?

Answer: Regardless of whether the amniotic fluid puncture or non -invasive gene detection, the doctor needs to do it if there is relevant indications.In addition, more than 35 years of age to do amniotic fluid puncture refers to the age of the pregnant mother at the expected date of date ≥ 35 years. If the due date, the maternal age is less than 35 years old.It is too late to do amniotic fluid puncture.

4. I haven’t done it before pregnancy, and now I am pregnant. Where should I go for a check?

Answer: Now that you are pregnant, there is no need to continue to struggle with the problem of pre -pregnancy examination.It is recommended to go directly to the necessary early pregnancy examination. For example, in about 6 weeks of pregnancy, you need to do abdominal B -ultrasound to determine the fetal gestational week and whether the fetus is in the palace and whether it is healthy.Generally speaking, comprehensive hospitals or obstetrics and gynecology hospitals with obstetrics and gynecology can help test during pregnancy.For the safety of the epidemic period, general hospitals will have related protective measures to ensure the safety of the patient. As long as you do personal protection, you don’t have to worry too much.

5. One month of pregnancy, can I go to the hospital for pregnancy?

Answer: It is recommended to conduct necessary early pregnancy examinations. For example, in about 6 weeks of pregnancy, you need to do abdominal B -ultrasound to determine important issues such as fetal gestational week and whether the fetus is in the palace and whether healthy development can be found in time and solve it in time to solve it in time.Some small problems.

Even during the epidemic, this necessary examination is recommended to do it.In addition, you must choose a hospital for production as soon as possible and go through the formalities of archives.

6. At 28 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is two weeks younger. The doctor recommends hospitalization. Is it dangerous to be hospitalized during the epidemic?

Answer: If some indications have appeared, and doctors recommend hospitalization, it is better to be hospitalized.At present, everyone pays great attention to the epidemic and attaches great importance to. Whether it is a comprehensive hospital or an obstetrics and gynecology hospital, there will be related prevention and control measures.It is recommended to be hospitalized at the doctor.

7. How do pregnant mothers monitor themselves at home?

Answer: Generally speaking, pregnant mothers perform self -monitoring at home. The main monitoring indicators include 7 aspects

Body temperature/day.Measure at the same time every day.In addition to the temperature of the body, you must also monitor whether you have symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat, and fatigue in order to seek medical treatment in time when necessary.Weight/week.At the same time every week, it is best to measure once in the morning on an empty stomach.Blood pressure/day.Generally, the value of high pressure (systolic blood pressure) is between 90-140mmHg and low pressure (diastolic pressure) between 60-90mmHg.If the blood pressure is found, it is recommended to measure every 4 hours on the day.If the blood pressure is too high or more, it means that the pregnant mother may be hypertension during pregnancy, and they need to seek medical treatment in time.blood sugar.If pregnant mothers are diagnosed with gestational diabetes.It is recommended to prepare a home blood glucose meter, perform blood glucose monitoring in accordance with the doctor’s advice, and try to control blood sugar within the normal range.(The normal blood glucose standard during pregnancy is that the empty blood glucose should be less than 5.1 mmol/L, the blood glucose of blood glucose in one hour after a meal is less than 10.0 mmol/L, and the blood glucose two hours after meals is lower than 8.5 mmol/L) Self -fetal movement count.It is recommended that pregnant mothers with more than 28 weeks record the baby’s fetal movement every day.(For details 8) Preventive heart rate monitoring.(For details 9) Remote fetal heart monitoring.Depending on the specific situation of your hospital, you can consult a doctor.

8. How to count the fetal movement correctly?

Answer: There are mainly the following three methods of fetal movement. Pregnant mothers can choose a way suitable for them according to the situation.

1. During the baby’s relatively active morning and late time, a few hours of fetal movement for 2 hours.If you do not reach 10 fetal movements in these 2 hours, you should seek medical treatment.

2. Starting from the morning, it will be recorded once every fetal movement. If it does not reach 10 times in a consecutive hours, you should also take a doctor in time.

It should be noted that when the fetal movement is moved, the continuous movement of the baby’s baby within 5 minutes is considered as one fetal movement.In addition, "hiccups" can also be regarded as fetal movements, and "snoring" continuously can only be regarded as one fetal movement.

3. Count the fetal movement in a fixed time every day. Generally, 3 times in the morning, middle, and evening, each monitoring for 1 hour each time, the total number of fetal movements is multiplied by 4, which is the total number of fetal movements in 12 hours.The fetal movement is more than 3 to 5 times per hour, the fetal movement is more than 10 times, and the fetal movement is 30 to 40 times in 12 hours, indicating that the fetus is normal; if the fetal movement is less than 3 times per hour, or the 12 -hour fetal movement is less than 10 times, it is prompted that the fetus is absentOxygen, you should seek medical treatment in time.

In addition, no matter which method is used, when the number of fetal movements at one day is reduced by 50%, or the number is not allowed to be specific, but when the baby’s fetal movement changes are different, they should also be visited in time.

Everyone can also use the “fetal movement count” program to use the Yuxue APP, so that pregnant mothers can better count the fetal movement and count.

9. Do I have to do fetal heart monitoring every week in the third trimester?

Answer: Moms in the third trimester, it is best to prepare a Doppler fetal heart, monitor the baby’s fetal heart rate at home every day.It is recommended to use the fetal heart instrument to monitor the baby’s heart rate of 2 to 3 times per day, and lasts for 1 to 2 minutes each time. During this time, you need to observe the baby’s fetal heart rate.Generally speaking, the normal heart rate of the baby is 110 ~ 160 times/minute.If the heart rate of the fetal baby continues to be less than 110 times/min, or higher than 160 times/minute, it is reminded that the baby may have hypoxia, and pregnant mothers need to seek medical treatment in time.

10. For 4 months of pregnancy, there are pets at home. Are there any other items that must be checked?

Answer: Usually, before or in the early stages of pregnancy, 4 inspections on eugenics are included in the examination of Toxoplasma.During pregnancy, in addition to the conventional birth checkup, you can also do a bow -shaped torch inspection alone.If there are already pets in the house before pregnancy, you must ensure the health of pets and check vaccine on time. If there is no pet before pregnancy, it is recommended to try not to start pets during pregnancy.

11. How to ensure a check -up on time and take a good record of pregnancy?

Answer: The "Reminder of Products Inspection" in the Yuxue Park APP can remind pregnant mothers to check the inspection on time and make relevant records.Download and open the Yue Academy APP, search for "production inspection", and enter the "production inspection reminder" function, which includes the pregnancy week that prompts pregnant mothers to need to be checked, and the key inspection items and precautions for each production examination. At the same time, the system will be based on your actual situation.The date of delivery, the next time you need to be inspected, you will automatically remind you.In addition, pregnant mothers can also use the "Interpretation of the Products" function to save the documents of each production inspection for convenient inquiries in the future.

12. Early pregnancy, severe pregnancy and vomiting, ca n’t eat things, and weigh 5 pounds a week. What should I do?

Answer: Strict pregnancy vomiting, pregnant mothers will indeed be difficult.At this time, you need to make yourself more comfortable.On the one hand, to divert attention, for example, some pregnant mothers like to chase dramas, play games or become drowsiness than before, and can do something they like to do.On the other hand, you can adjust your diet appropriately, eat less meals, and avoid greasy.During this period, it is more important to ensure that food intake is more important than choosing high -nutrition foods. Therefore, it is recommended to choose foods you love to eat and want to eat as much as possible to avoid eating food that you do n’t like to eat or eat.In addition, proper exercise also has a certain effect on relieving pregnancy.

13. What nutrients do you need to supplement during pregnancy?

Answer: Nutritional suggestions during pregnancy mainly depend on daily diet, not separate nutrient supplements.It is recommended that pregnant mothers usually consume a variety of foods and recommend eating 50 different foods within a week, including fruits and vegetables, meat staple foods, etc. to ensure nutritional balance.If the dietary habits of pregnant mothers before pregnancy are healthier and keep it; if you have bad eating habits such as garbage foods or heavy oil salt, and sweet food before pregnancy, it is recommended to adjust your dietary habits during pregnancy and eat healthier.

14. Do you need additional DHA, calcium, and vitamin D after pregnancy?

Answer: According to the suggestion of the "Dietary Guidelines of Chinese Residents", expectant mothers need to consume 800 mg of calcium per day in the early pregnancy; 1000 mg of daily daily in the middle and third trimester of pregnancy.The amount mentioned here includes both the food obtained from the food and the supplementary calcium, and the pregnant mother can decide whether to replenish it according to her actual diet.While calcium supplementation, it is also necessary to pay attention to the supplement of vitamin D. It is recommended to supplement 400IU vitamin D every day. If the calcium tablets or composite vitamins taken are already contained in sufficient amount of vitamin D, there is no additional supplement.For DHA’s supplement, it is also recommended to eat food, such as eating some fish, shrimp, shells, and other foods rich in DHA. If you do not like to eat such foods, you can supplement the situation depending on the situation.

15. How to solve constipation during pregnancy?

Answer: If it is just a slight constipation, you can try to improve through diet and exercise. On the one hand, you must increase the intake of high -fiber food and eat more vegetables and coarse grains. On the one handChoose some gentle exercise methods, such as walking, yoga, etc.If it is a relatively serious constipation, you can also use some safe drugs under the guidance of a doctor, but you cannot rely on it. It is mainly based on dietary adjustment.

16. What exercises can be done at home during pregnancy and what kind of exercise intensity can be maintained?

Answer: Some mild exercises can be performed, such as doing housework, walking back and forth at home, you can also do some pregnancy yoga, simple gymnastics, and so on.Try to insist on moderate exercise every day, but do not exercise too much intensity. Do n’t feel tired when you get up the next day.

17. In the third trimester, there is any way to alleviate the pubic back pain?

Answer: During the third trimester, the changes in hormone levels make the pregnant mother ligament and cartilage soft, and at this time, the fetus is heavier. If the amount of activity is relatively large, these factors can easily cause pubic pain and low back pain.At this time, pregnant mothers should pay more attention to rest, reduce the amount of activity, and change the position and posture to ease.If it is not alleviated, you can also go to the hospital and adjust it under the guidance of a doctor.

18. What state should pregnant mothers maintain when doing prenatal education?

Answer: Pregnant mothers should be prenatal education in a state where peace, happiness, breathing and heartbeat are relatively stable. At this time, the fetus will also feel pleasure and relaxation accordingly.The main purpose of prenatal education is to enable pregnant mothers and babies to enter a state of peaceful and relaxed mentality.It is best not to look at some books or film and television works that make pregnant mothers cry and laugh.

19. Staying in parents for a long time, and friction with family members, how should pregnant mothers adjust themselves?

Answer: Indeed, it is not convenient to go out during the epidemic, and the mood is easy to worse.If you friction with your family, you can try these methods to adjust.Dive your attention, contact relatives and friends, and talk about your inner feelings; you can also do what you like, such as listening to music, reading books, painting, learning about childcare knowledge in advance.In short, we must remove the attention from unhappy.

20. During the epidemic, will the old wearing mask affect the fetus?

Answer: First of all, you do n’t need to wear a mask at home. You only need to wear it when you go out. If you do n’t need to go out, you should go out less.Surgical mask.If the pregnant mother does not feel uncomfortable wearing a mask, it will basically not affect the fetus, nor will it cause the fetus to be hypoxic.Doing prevention and control during the epidemic is the best and moderate, and there is no need to exceed it.

21. Affected by the epidemic, I will have a nightmare dream in the evening. How should I regulate my mentality?

Answer: First of all, the proportion of pregnant women is still very small among people suffering from new crown pneumonia.Secondly, whether it is a comprehensive hospital or an obstetrics and gynecology hospital, it has good protection measures for pregnant mothers.In addition, it is recommended that pregnant mothers can appropriately reduce the attention of information related information, avoid anxiety, usually communicate with family members, do a good job of personal protection, and maintain a stable mentality and good mood.

22. There is no interest in the same room during pregnancy. Is it abnormal?

Answer: Generally speaking, the same room in the middle of pregnancy is relatively safe, but in the early stages of pregnancy and the third trimester, it is not recommended to have the same room, especially after 36 weeks of pregnancy, and pay more attention to the safety of the same room to reduce the number of times in the same room as much as possible.However, due to a series of changes in physical and psychology during pregnancy, some pregnant mothers will feel "no sexual interest", which is a normal phenomenon.Therefore, on the question of whether to do the same room, the two can communicate well, and it is recommended that the prospective father consider the feelings of pregnant mothers more.

23. What support can family members provide their families?

Answer: On the one hand, it is care for life. For example, prospective dad can help pregnant mothers to divide more housework, regularly urge pregnant mothers to self -test weight, blood pressure and test fetal movement, and accompany pregnant mothers regularly for check -up.In addition, family members are also very important for the psychological support of pregnant mothers.The prospective dad should learn more about the pregnancy -related matters, build a good mentality, and at the same time communicate with the pregnant mother to help pregnant mothers resolve the anxiety that appears due to nearly production.

24. During pregnancy, I feel that the secretion is odor. Do I need to go to the hospital for examination?

Answer: Due to some changes in the internal environment of the vagina during pregnancy, the secretions will increase. If there is only a mild odor and no other discomfort symptoms, you can observe for a period of time.The severe itching and burning sensation may be more serious. It is recommended to report to the doctor in a timely manner during the checkup to check the corresponding secretions.

25. After pregnancy, until the late pregnancy, there is no good on the legs and arms, is it normal?

Answer: There are many types of skin problems, such as eczema, urticaria, psoriasis, etc., and some skin problems are similar, and it is difficult for non -professionals to distinguish.Therefore, it is recommended that you seek medical treatment in time, ask the dermatologist to help distinguish the type of skin problems, and determine whether you need to be treated immediately and targeted treatment.

26. I have always had a little diarrhea in the early pregnancy. Do I need to see a doctor de -digestive?

Answer: Common early pregnancy reactions include nausea, vomiting, etc. Diards are relatively rare. It is recommended that you find the cause of diarrhea first.If it is not very serious, you can observe at home first. If the diarrhea feels serious, it is recommended that you seek medical treatment in time to conduct routine testing. Please ask the doctor to help tell the cause and perform necessary treatment.

The above is the detailed answer of Xiaoyuanzi about the live broadcast of March 5 [Prevention and Control of Maternal Maternal During the Epidemium] In this live broadcast.

If you have any questions about the problem of pregnancy, you want to learn more about it, welcome to comment, maybe the next one who is flipped is you ~

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