Do you have to do a B -ultrasound after you find that you are pregnant?What kind of B -ultrasound result is normal

Do you have to do a B -ultrasound after checking?Doctors always say that they come again every other week and come twice, it feels troublesome!

As an obstetrician and gynecologist remind everyone, we must go!must go!must go!Don’t dislike trouble!

It’s not just for your baby, but also for your life and health!

Now most of the women who have prepared pregnant pregnancy will go to the blood test after finding two bars and see the B -ultrasound after finding two bars.The girl’s abdominal pain on one side, shock state!

I only know that this girl found that she was pregnant with a pregnancy test stick some time ago. Due to various reasons (mainly afraid), she did not come to the hospital to confirm her pregnancy.

When we heard such a medical history, the first time we thought that the ectopic pregnancy ruptured hemorrhage, the emergency surgery went down, and there were almost 2,000 blood in our stomach. Fortunately, it was sent to pick up a life.

We doctors not only consider whether you are pregnant, but also consider whether the fetus develops in the palace to eliminate ectopic pregnancy, what about the fetal development, do the fetus have a heartbeat?It is ectopic pregnancy, it is very sighing!

Internal pregnancy diagram

For determination of pregnancy, our doctor mainly reads two tests!

Blood test

Blood HCG examination is to determine whether women are pregnant by measuring HCG values in women’s blood. Blood HCG is more accurate than traditional urine HCG, smaller errors, and can make the test time in advance.After 8-10 days after the same room, you can go to the hospital for testing.

B ultrasound

Early pregnancy ultrasound examination can not only determine the development of embryos in the uterus, but also determine the number of tires and exclude ectopic pregnancy.At 35 days of menopause, the B -ultrasound found that a circular or oval pregnancy sac is seen in the uterine cavity. It is reminded that early pregnancy is prompted. Our doctor recommends a review one week later.

Generally, at 6 weeks of pregnancy, the B -ultrasound can see germ and primitive heart tube beating, which indicates that the embryo survives.

Only when B -ultrasound determines early pregnancy pregnancy, seeing germ and primitive heart tube beating can our doctor say that there is no abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, etc. If you are uncomfortable, you can go back to rest, wait for the card to build the card.We will combine the amount of HCG, and I suggest you review again a week later, don’t feel trouble, because this is the best protection for you and the fetus!

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