Do n’t you get pregnant during confinement?

Under normal circumstances, women take a period of time to restore their physical strength. In our country, they are traditional confinement. During the confinement, mothers need to supplement nutrition and conditioning their bodies, and they cannot see the wind.Although the controversy of confinement is relatively large, it turns out that the help of confinement will still have a lot of help to the mother. If it is a cesarean section pregnant woman, a longer recovery period is required.

If it is a delivery, basically you need to go to the hospital for a birth check in about 42 days after delivery. After a period of recovery, the doctor will check the physical recovery of the mother.It can be recovered for a long time, and another situation is more troublesome.

As a fledgling mother, Kobayashi (pseudonym) has always been ignorant from pregnancy to giving birth to children. He knows half of his understanding. Although he has a good physical recovery after giving birth, the doctor found that Kobayashi was pregnant again during postpartum examination.She is also very confused, why did this happen, and she did not have normal menstruation. Why did she get pregnant again?After hearing this, Kobayashi did not know what to do, but after careful consideration, she still decided to leave the child. After all, she had only one life. Since she came, it means how to give up easily with her fate.

But why did Kobayashi get pregnant again within 42 days after giving birth?

Some mothers will have a simple husband and wife life during confinement. They think that during the confinement, they will not get pregnant without menstruation, but there are still many women who are pregnant during confinement.Under normal circumstances, about half a month in the first half of menstruation is a normal ovulation period. If there is a healthy egg and sperm, fertilized eggs will be formed.It will begin to develop. Therefore, contraceptive measures should be taken in the same room after childbirth. Don’t think that it is okay if you have no menstruation. When menstruation may happen, Kobayashi made this error.

However, there are special cases, and some mothers have no time to menstrual menstruation, that is, the ovary before menstruation cannot be ovulated normally, but this situation only occurs only when adolescent or fast menopause.Contraceptive measures.

However, it is best not to have the same room during confinement, because the mother’s body has not fully recovered, and the body is easily infected with other bacteria. The same house is very dangerous to the mother.It is difficult to recover in the future.Therefore, although there is a physical need for the body, it is best for your husband to focus on the body of the mother. Don’t have a husband and wife to live too early. After all, the health of the maternal health is the most important thing.

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