Do my husband and wife need to urinate immediately after life?What kind of health benefits will there be?

Whether it is for men or women, the life of husband and wife is beneficial to the improvement of mood, can be happy, and can also enhance the physique of both sides.And for the relationship between the two sides, it can also promote deeper feelings.

Although the life of the husband and wife is very good, there are many matters that need to be noted. For example, it cannot be carried out in the case of illness. It cannot be carried out after drinking.These need to be paid attention to avoid harm to the body.

In addition, some people will go to the toilet to urinate after the husband and wife live. They think that this can protect the private parts, but do they really need to urinate immediately after the husband and wife live?

There is a certain relationship between urinary tract infection and sexual life, especially after excessive sexual life, after frequent sexual life, or merging mucosal damage, sexual life violence, etc., which is more likely to occur in urinary tract infections.

Under normal circumstances, there is bacteria at the urethral opening. When some factors cause bacteria at the urethral opening to enter the urinary system and cause inflammation, sexual life may indeed be the cause of urinary tract infection.Because in the process of sexual life, bacteria usually existing at the urethral opening may be squeezed into the urinary system and cause infection.

If urethral discomfort occurs after sexual intercourse, consider spreading related pathogenic bacteria through sexual contact.At this time, the urine or related secretions need to be tested, the pathogenic bacteria are clarified, and then the symptomatic treatment is required.And taboo sexual intercourse during the treatment, until the symptoms completely disappear, and the review returns to normal.

Women can, but do not recommend men.

Due to the short and straight urethra, the bacteria of the vulva during sexual life may retrograde into the urethra, causing urethritis and cystitis.Subinging urination in time after the life of the husband and wife can rinse the urethra, reduce bacteria attached to the urethral opening, and help reduce the chance of urinary tract infection.

This is actually a good habit that can prevent some diseases such as urinary tract infection.Similarly, if there are some pathogenic bacteria in the vagina, the pathogenic bacteria may spread to the urethra after sexual life, causing urethritis.

Therefore, after sexual life, if a woman is urinated once, these pathogenic bacteria in the urethra can be washed away, thereby reducing the chance of urinary tract infection after sexual life.

However, if women plan to become pregnant, it is not recommended to urinate immediately after sexual intercourse.Because immediately urination after sexual intercourse may cause semen to flow out of the vagina, thereby reducing the chance of conception. Therefore, it is recommended to rest in bed for 1 hour before urinating after sexual intercourse.If you don’t plan to get pregnant, you can urinate immediately after sex.

For men, they should not rush to urinate after sex.Because men’s urethra is long and curved, the diarrhea of the urine passes is large and the time is long, and the pressure of the urethra and prostate has not completely decreased. At this time, urination often causes urine reflux and easily causes prostate inflammation.

It is recommended to rest for half an hour to an hour before urinating, and in normal sexual life, avoid excessive excitement or nervousness.It is best to urinate once before sex, and develop habits, so that it can prevent urinary tract infections that may occur in sexual life, but also maintain the function of urethral sphincter and urine muscles.

In addition, the two sides should pay attention to changing underwear in life to prevent bacteria from invading and bacterial infection.It is recommended to wear cotton underwear, do not wear chemical fiber or nylon underwear to avoid wearing tight and impermeable pants.

Don’t take a bath in a public bath and bathtub, don’t sit on an uninteripient toilet, and don’t share a towel with others.After women urinate, wipe it back to back to prevent infection.

1. Don’t excessively clean

Some women feel that after sexual intercourse, water is used, or pre -packaged liquids to clean the vagina, but flushing can cause more infections because it will destroy the natural balance of bacteria that protects the vagina.Therefore, it is best not to be overly cleaned after the husband and wife live, and the vagina will be naturally cleaned.

2. Don’t sleep immediately

Many of our husbands and wives will feel tired and sleepy after intercourse, and then fall asleep. In fact, this is a wrong way.Because at this time our brain is excited, we might as well wait until the brain is returning to normal before falling asleep, otherwise dizziness and weakness will occur.

3. Don’t forget to drink a glass of water

In the process of sexual activity, the sexual organs of both parties will be in a high congestion, and all tissues and organs of the body will participate in this activity when they reach the climax.So simply, a satisfactory sex life can be regarded as moderate exercise.

After exercise, the energy of the body will be consumed in large quantities. The metabolism of the tissue organs requires a lot of water to maintain a strong vitality.

Therefore, you can drink a glass of water after having sex and supplement the water consumed, which can not only promote metabolism and avoid water deficiency.But be careful not to drink cold water, drink warm boiling water, so as not to be stimulated by the body and let the cold invade.

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