Do babies snoring during pregnancy, is this true?

Pregnancy is a long and magical and romantic process. In the body of a pregnant mother, a small life grows slowly by a small fertilized egg and grows into a little baby. This is a long magic journey!

When the pregnant mother is in the late pregnancy, she will feel that the fetus has frequently vibrated in the belly, which is actually the baby’s hiccup.

Baby snoring usually starts at 28 weeks of pregnancy.The baby’s snoring is mainly because the fetal lungs are not fully developed. It is necessary to practice the breathing of the lungs by continuously swallowing amniotic fluid, so that when snoring, it can stimulate the brain, and the fetus will appear snoring.When the fetus snores, the mother will feel a regular beating in the abdomen, similar to the beating of the heart.Fetal snoring often shows that the mother’s body is continuously slightly tire -like activity in a certain part of the mother’s body. It will usually last many times and is regular. It moves once or two once and lasts more than a dozen times.

Fetal hiccups are normal physiological reactions. They do not mean that the fetus is hypoxic, does not mean that the fetus has any abnormalities, which is the same as the breathing of normal adults.Because the lungs of the fetus are not fully developed, they must continue to swallow amniotic fluid.Swallowing amniotic fluid can exercise the lung breathing, so hiccups of fetus are a way to exercise lung breathing ability.

If the fetus frequently snores, the pregnant woman can touch it gently, and it may not be snoring in a few minutes.If the snoring is too frequent and the effect is not effective after touching, the pregnant woman can change the position, and the fetus may not snoring.Therefore, hiccups are a normal phenomenon, and expectant mothers don’t have to worry too much.

Specific mothers can also judge the fetal position according to the position of the fetus snoring.The position of the fetal snoring is generally the position of the fetal head. If the fetal snoring position is below the navel eyes, it is lower or lower right, it means that the fetus should be the head position, and the fetal position is positive.It is not below, and the fetal position may be incorrect.

However, the specific fetal position still needs to be judged and B -ultrasound detection.

Therefore, hiccups are a normal phenomenon, and pregnant mothers can rest assured.During pregnancy, you should strengthen nutrition, exercise appropriately, and check for regular production. I wish each pregnant mothers can go smoothly during pregnancy, and the babies are healthy and cute!

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