Divorce in July in July, signed a life agreement for another woman, this is Jet Li

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Jet Li is the memory of our generation. He officially entered the entertainment industry from the first drama "Shaolin Temple" and made many classic works, such as "Huang Feihong", "Chen Zhen" and "Huo Yuanjia".Almost everyone has seen it.

Many people know that Jet Li has been waiting for the wisdom for ten years, but few people know the pain of his original wife.

When Jet Li died when his father was 1 year old, there were 2 brothers and two sisters in the family. They could not support 5 children by relying on her mother. Fortunately, Lianjie was lucky to be seen by a coach of a martial arts school.road.

Jet Li’s original match was Huang Qiuyan. Huang Qiuyan also studied at this martial arts school. The two were sisters and sisters of Qingmei Zhuma. During the study of martial arts, Huang Qiuyan took care of Jet Li, and his food and clothing were very concerned.

Huang Qiuyan started film shooting in 1982. She played the heroine "Sanfeng" in the film "Shaolin Boy" filmed in Hong Kong.

Huang Qiuyan

In the same year, Jet Li shot the first "Shaolin Temple" fire. After the two had achieved results in their careers, the relationship was further developed. Until 1987, the two got a low -key marriage, but only a few days after a few days before notified the parents of both partiesEssence

Jet Li and Huang Qiuyan

For a woman, marriage just receives a marriage certificate. It is so sad and pitiful, but Huang Qiuyan loves Jet Li deeply, does not care about these external conditions, and because of her deep love, it has caused her outcome afterwards.

After Jet Li filmed "Shaolin Temple", her career entered a bottleneck period. She had no better development and economic constraints. Huang Qiuyan had been around Jet Li after marriage. She supported no matter what Jet Li did.

Jet Li proposed to the development of Los Angeles, and Huang Qiuyan went to Los Angeles with his big belly.

However, Jet Li went to Los Angeles and did not change his life. Until Director Luo Wei invited Jet Li, he wanted to let him participate in the male No. 1 of "Dragon in the End of the World". Jet Li left his wife and children and went to Hong Kong himself.

In the crew of "Dragon in the End of the World", Li Lianjie met Li Zhi.Jet Li said that when he saw Li Zhi at first glance, he had a stunning feeling.

Jet Li frankly said: "After two days of meeting with Li Zhi, she understood the melancholy, determination of struggle, and even the mood of being unable to meet. She was more stupid than my mother and sister.Is there a person like a bug in my belly? "

Jet Li and Li Zhi

Jet Li fell in love with Li Zhi crazy, and has reached the point where he lost his mind.

The word divorce said that he was on the cross -call and proposed to Huang Qiuyan. At that time, Huang Qiuyan’s eldest daughter was only a few years old, and she was still with a 7 -month second daughter in her stomach.

After many years, Jet Li said himself: Fortunately, the original wife Huang Qiuyan knew what she was thinking, so I didn’t think much about it.

He was still thinking about Huang Qiuyan’s understanding of him many years later. He was very fortunate, but he didn’t know that he was a woman. He loved you and loved it in his bones.

Her love is worthless to Jet Li. Only her understanding can make Jet Li remember for many years.

What a sad and ridiculous thing this is.

In 1991, Jet Li and Huang Qiuyan divorced, Jet Li left all the property to Huang Qiuyan, and her daughter also lived with Huang Qiuyan.

Li Zhi, everyone is familiar to everyone. Miss Hong Kong once had a ambiguous history with the gambler. There was a picture that it can be seen that Li Zhi and the gambler dance are very good.

Li Zhi and Gambling King dance

She almost became the five wives of the gambler, but because of the disagreement of several wives of the gambler, she issued a "rivers and lakes". Li Zhi could not help but agreed to go to Hong Kong in Hong Kong.

After the divorce of Jet Li and Huang Qiuyan, they turned to find Li Zhi, but Li Zhi and Jet Li agreed to the 10 -year period. If you love me so 10 years, then we will get married, and then Li Zhi will go to the sea.

In 1996, Li Zhi’s business failed, and Jet Li quickly found Xiang Huaqiang and signed an agreement with him: 6 movies were filmed within 2 years, and each movie was paid for 12 million pieces.

In fact, Jet Li was a self -landing film. Xiang Huaqiang said that Jet Li was a bit worthless for a woman, but Jet Li said that it was worth it, and after getting 72 million paids, he immediately transferred to Li Zhi.

It is also the 72 million mood money that allowed Li Zhi to survive this crisis.

In 1999, Jet Li and Li Zhi expired in 10 years, and he married Li Zhi in Los Angeles.

The "Open Lecture" hosted by Sabenin was invited to Jet Li as a guest. When asking questions on the spot, a female college student was very bold and asked Li Lianjie directly: Why did he abandon Huang Qiuyan and marry Li Zhi?

But I didn’t expect Jet Li to be very refreshing. After thinking about a few seconds, I answered:

"I was young at that time, and a girl said I loved me, and I thought I loved her too. Until I saw another woman, I found that I could die for her. Every day I was bloody, and the blood vessels were about to explode.I finally knew that this was love. So I turned back and told my original wife, I’m sorry I was wrong, I found my true love. "

Jet Li said that I can not name it for the sake of benefits, and I can die for her.

So sincere and infatuated, people do n’t know if he should blame him who throws his wife and son when he is pregnant?Or did he sign a life agreement for other women, and love this woman’s infatuated man in his life?

I do n’t know how to evaluate him, I just feel the original match is pitiful, so that she has assumed the pain that she does not belong to her.

However, during the marriage duration, he fell in love with other women and proposed a divorce when his wife was pregnant. His affection for his current wife even showed his indifference to his ex -wife.


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