Discovery: chlamydia detection, it can indicate whether infertile can eventually get pregnant

According to a new study, the antibody of the deodority of the traumaea -chlamydia of the sandytis can be used to screen the pregnancy ending of infertile women in the blood test.The chlamydia antibody shows a positive infertile woman, and the possibility of pregnancy will be less likely, and they are more likely to have ectopic pregnancy.

William M. Geisler, a professor of infection of Birmingham Medical Department of the University of Alabama, is the collaborator of research.The results of this study have been published in the magazine of Fertility and Sterility.Geisler’s laboratory completes the detection part of the chlamydia antibody.

The chlamydia infection of the sandylona is very small or almost no symptom, so no one is treated.However, infection can cause inflammation of the reproductive system, leaving scars inside and outside the fallopian tube, which leads to infertility of women.When evaluating the condition of infertile women, the clinical examination of the fallopian tube is open or closed, so that some reasons can be found.Closed tubes can prevent the eggs from reaching the uterus, which increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

However, clinicians will question the purpose of detecting chlamydia infection, especially women with smooth fallopian tubes.Researchers supported by the reproductive medicine network of the Institute of Health and Human Development of American Children’s Health, trying to find the pregnancy ending of the chlamydia and the smooth infertile women in the tubes.

Researchers screened samples from infertile women with less than 1,200 infertile women with no sandytae infection and at least one -sided fallopian tube.Researchers focus on the three pregnancy endings -pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, and live birth (that is, living babies), and then give birth drug treatment, or artificial insemination, that is, send sperm directly into the uterus.

It is important that the researchers use non -commercial blood testing called EB Elisa to detect antibody conditions during chlamydia or before infection.Because the commercial blood test that can be obtained can detect other types of chlamydia, which causes false positives.Researchers have found that people with positive IgG3 antibodies have a lower chance of conception or live production, and a higher chance of ectopic pregnancy.

"This work is very important, not only because it can help us understand the chance of sexual communication primary infection, which can lead to the chance of women infertility," Geisler said. "Also confirmed that the infertile women who received treatment wereBiomarker. "

This discovery has opened up a new path to understand the cause of infertility and determine the risk of women’s pregnancy.Research authors suspect that the unexplained chlamydia infection of the tascia reduces the degree of fallopian tube health, so the chance of pregnancy is reduced.Therefore, the author shows that in addition to checking tubal damage, the detection of chlamydia antibody antibody in the tube is also useful.The author is also eager to detect a more accurate and commercialized sandrite infection.

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