Ding whether you are pregnant: Observe these 4 performances, it is a good way

Early pregnancy is early pregnancy, which refers to the pregnancy period of 13 weeks ago.In real life, many expectant mothers have no concept for pregnancy because they are pregnant.Even in some remote areas, expectant mothers learned that they were pregnant when they were about to produce.Therefore, for expectant mothers during early pregnancy, you must learn to distinguish whether he is pregnant.So, what are the symptoms of early pregnancy?How should we distinguish whether we are pregnant?

1. Start menopause

Women’s menstruation is performed according to the cycle, and every month is a normal menstrual cycle.If the woman’s menstruation does not come as scheduled as scheduled after the husband and wife are in the same room, they must pay attention to whether they are pregnant.If there is no protection measures without protection measures, and menstruation does not come, then consider whether there are gynecological diseases.However, some women will still have mild vaginal bleeding within a week after conception. This is the normal physiological reaction of fertilized eggs in bed, which should be separated from normal menstruation.

2. Symptoms of nausea and vomiting and loss of appetite

After pregnancy, the chorine membrane in women will begin to rise. Therefore, most pregnant women will begin to show symptoms of pregnancy in about one month after pregnancy.It is easy to feel disgusting inexplicably, and it is extremely sensitive to the smell around you.The secretion of progesterone can also reduce the digestive function of women and cause loss of appetite.

Third, breasts rise, leucorrhea increases

Due to the stimulation of estrogen and progesterone in pregnancy, women will start to swell and softer after one to two weeks after conception.Generally speaking, this is caused by breasts that need to be preserved.After pregnancy, eating that sex hormone can also stimulate cervix and endometrium secretion of mucus. Women’s vagina, uterine and other parts of blood will increase, so the secretions will increase.

Fourth, other symptoms

In addition to the above -mentioned symptoms, women will feel physical fatigue, emotional instability, frequent urination, and edema in the early stages of pregnancy. Some pregnant women also feel dizzy and headache.This is caused by the hormone level and physical changes in pregnant women. It is a normal physiological phenomenon.Therefore, if women have the above symptoms within one or two months after the same room, pay attention to whether it is caused by pregnancy.

In general, there are many symptoms of early pregnancy, but many careless expectant mothers often ignore these symptoms.Therefore, if it is a husband and wife who are ready to bred the next generation, you should learn more about this.

Understand the symptoms of early pregnancy, pay attention to your life and rest and eating habits, and avoid making the fetus unstable or not developing better due to unwavering in the early stages of pregnancy.The main symptom of early pregnancy is the stop of menstruation. Therefore, women should always pay attention to their menstruation and go to the hospital for diagnosis in time.

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