Didn’t you get pregnant in the same room during ovulation?Maybe "it" is making trouble

For pregnant women, if you want to get pregnant quickly, you must find the right ovulation period, because only the moment the egg is excreted in the same room, the chance of pregnancy is the largest, so most of the pregnant sisters will find their own ovulation period in the same room, but unfortunately, what is regrettable is that what is regrettable is that it is unfortunateThere is no pregnancy in the same room during ovulation. What is going on? Let’s take a look at it in detail today.

1. Physical disease

In fact, some physical diseases will also affect the normal occurrence of ovulation.Such as liver disease, severe malnutrition, tuberculosis, lack of vitamin and so on.If these are not treated or conditioned when they are discovered, in the long run, it will have a great obstacle to the normal operation of ovulation.

2. Hormone disorders

The abnormal hormone level is one of the most common causes of ovulation abnormalities.Whether it is more estrogen, or more and more and more, the more and less androgens will affect the stability of the hormone level of the endocrine.Some behavioral factors that lead to endocrine disorders include staying up late, excessive emotional ups and downs, excessive pressure, and so on.

3. Damage of organ organs

Oversal damage caused by abnormal ovulation is mainly manifested in the lack of or damaged ovarian, polycystic ovary syndrome, ovarian dysplasia, machin brain damage, and so on.The damage to these organs is directly or indirectly caused by the uncoordinated hormone secretion, which eventually leads to abnormal ovulation.

1. Master the frequency and time point of the same room

In order to increase the opportunity of pregnancy, women prepare for pregnancy can be the same room every day. The specific time is concentrated between 5-7 pm, because the number and quality of men’s sperm changes greatly in the day. This time has reached its peak.Sperm quantity and quality are more conducive to pregnancy.Therefore, the prospective mother who wants Huaibao to grasp the best time to conceive in the same room, and the chance of successful pregnancy is greater.

2. Relax and keep your mood cheerful and happy

During the pregnancy, both the couple should relax, do not use the pregnancy test strip prematurely, and do not put too much mental pressure to have a good pregnancy environment.

3. Timely treatment of diseases

If it is an ovulation abnormality caused by the disease, it is necessary to detect the cause of the disease and treat it for targeted treatment. As long as you actively cooperate with doctors for treatment, there is a great opportunity to get pregnant, but you cannot give up treatment.

The above content is about the introduction of infertility in the same room during ovulation. I hope that female friends can understand that once they find this, they should go to the hospital to find out the cause in time and treat them with symptomatic treatment.

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