Dest -fledgling, weakness?These 5 major symptoms are actually the calamity of qi deficiency and blood stasis!

Female friends often like to lose weight. As soon as losing weight will lead to poor nutritional conditions, so many female friends often experience qi deficiency and blood stasis. HoweverThe problem will cause a big mistake. If you do not pay attention, many minor illnesses will become a "timing bomb" that detonate major diseases.

1. The voice of speaking is relatively low, weak and weak, and lack of breath;

2. Poor adaptability in the internal and external environment;

3. There is no appetite, and abdominal distension and difficulty in the stool after diet;

4. Limb weakness, qi deficiency and physical pregnancy fat, abdominal muscles will be severely relaxed, hip sagging, laxative, not tall, this is caused by qi deficiency and blood stasis;

5. Frequent dizziness and low blood pressure.

1. Vegetables

You can usually eat foods such as lotus root, black fungus, bamboo shoots, eggplant, etc., suitable for people with qi deficiency and blood stasis, especially in the summer or bloody people with wet and humid heat, yin deficiency, internal heat constitution.However, qi and blood have the characteristics of like warm and cold. Therefore, you should eat less and need to be eaten with temperature food.You can also eat some temperature and blood -promoted foods, such as leek, onion, garlic, cinnamon, ginger, etc., which are suitable for congestion.

2. Seafood scallops

Fresh shrimp, fish, crab, sea cucumber can effectively dissipate the congestion after the trauma. The sea cucumber has a good effect on the body of the blood stasis and dry skin.

3. Fruit category

You can eat more hawthorn. Hawthorn can alleviate cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, effectively rectify, suitable for congestion, with kumquats, can also relieve liver qi.

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For patients with qi deficiency and blood stasis, conditioning the body must start with daily life, protect their bodies, and love health.For female qi deficiency blood stasis symptoms, you can also take ginseng help conditioning.As a traditional Chinese medicine in Chinese, ginseng has a long history and can nourish it well.Therefore, in general, if qi and blood are insufficient, the first thing to think of is to ginseng qi. Many of the Chinese medicine prescriptions are indispensable for ginseng.

What kind of views or opinions do you have for qi deficiency and blood stasis, welcome to share with me.If you have any other topics you want to know, you can tell me.

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