Decrypting contraception: Why do you get pregnant?

When you are intoxicated by enjoying the joy of the bed in the rain, are you easily forgotting contraceptives because of passion burning?Or is your contraceptive method correct and effective?Do you understand the cause of contraceptive failure?Here is the reason for the failure of contraceptive failure and gives valid suggestions:

For women aged 18 to 39, when taking contraceptives, if their weight is or greater than 58 kg, the possibility of contraceptive failure is more than 60%.Because women with high physical fitness are usually faster, more hormones are needed to prevent conception, and usually contraceptives have fat -dissolving effects, so more fat is easier to "retain" the active ingredients of contrasting drugs.Prevent it from entering the blood to play a role.

Suggestion: For women weighing more than 58 kg, it is best to ask doctors to provide more reliable contraceptive methods, such as condoms, intrauterine condoms, etc.

Using contraceptive contraceptives requires long -term persistence, even in the "safe period".Do you have this feeling? When you have been working with a group of women for a long time, your menstruation will come unexpectedly. It was half a month different. After a few months, it became only a few days away.In fact, this "atmosphere hormone" proven by scientists can completely fail the "safe period".

In addition, sex under orgasm is also easy to cause conception.That was because pleasure shook the uterus and ovaries.In such a sensitive ovarian, there may be an egg that has not developed or completely subsided, and it may be stimulated to cause pregnancy.

Suggestion: Persist in taking contraceptives in the "safe period", or use condoms in sex.

Contraceptives are usually divided into three types: long -term, short -acting and fast -acting. They do not know the efficacy of the drug, and they may be invalid even if they are taken.Long -acting contraceptives are not long -term and long -term. It requires to be taken once a month. If it stops, contraception will fail.And the medicinal force of long -term contraceptives is slow. If your sex is not very regular, it is recommended not to use this contraceptive pill, even if the remedy after sudden passion is invalid.

Suggestions 1: Those who do n’t like daily medication can adopt this method of contraception, but because the number of days of each month is different, it is best to take the next time to take the medicine for 1 week in advance.Short -acting contraceptives are required to be taken every day. If you forget, the failure of contraceptives is also expected.The best effect of a short -acting medicine is concentrated within 12 hours. After 24 hours, the protection of contraception may be reduced. It should be taken to take one tablet immediately. At the same time, the next medicine should be taken in a regular time.

Suggestion 2: If you forget to take it, you need to use a barrier contraceptive method in the next 7 days, such as using a condom.The advantage of fast -acting contraceptives is that it is not restricted by menstruation in the use time. At any day of the menstrual cycle, it can be used to play the effect. It is suitable for irregular sexual life and short -term cohabitation.wait.

Suggestions 3: The contraceptive pill containing nosone ingredients is best to start taking medicine on the night of sex, and then take a short -acting contraceptive tablet every night to the temporary end of the sex life. The effective contraceptive rate after medication is 99.5%.The contraceptive pills containing the composition of the n -terrain need to take 1 tablet on the first day and the evening, and take 1 tablet every night, and the last one in the morning the next morning after sex.Although the fast -acting contraceptives are convenient to use, each medicine contains a lot of dosage, so there are more side reactions, so it can only be used in short -term.

The success rate of emergency contraception is about 70%, so regular contraceptive methods must be used after using emergency contraceptives.If you are pregnant when taking the first emergency contraceptive, emergency contraception is invalid.

Suggestion 1: Emergency contraceptives should be taken within 72 hours after sex.Emergency contraceptives and unconventional contraceptives. As a special medicine for emergency contraception, it is only occasionally used in emergencies in contraceptive failure, but if it is used as a conventional contraceptive pill, it cannot effectively play its good role in effectively.Therefore, the effect is naturally worse than the effect of conventional contraceptives.If you frequently use emergency contraceptives, the failure rate in a complete use year is higher than that of conventional contraceptives, so emergency contraceptives are not suitable for conventional use.

Suggestion 2: Emergency contraceptives can only take at most once or twice in a year!Therefore, after the use of emergency contraceptives, oral long -acting long -acting or short -acting contraceptives, in -palaces, or barriers should be used for contraception.

In the process of sex, if the condom is broken, or falls off when it is pulled out, or even leave for too long, there is a risk of semen flowing out.According to the survey, no matter how good the texture of the condom is, its real efficiency is about 86%.

Suggestion: Even if a condom is used, it is best to take oral contraceptives in advance.

In fact, it is impossible for 100 % to completely contraceptively.Will you not get pregnant during menstruation?Because the sperm can survive in the vagina for 3 to 4 days, sometimes women ovulate at the same time as menstruation, or ovulation quickly after menstruation, especially in the menstrual cycle shorter.So even during menstruation, it is possible to cause pregnancy.

Suggestion: It is best to understand some common sense of contraception before sex to improve the work of contraception.

Regardless of the actual conditions of your body, the use of birthplaces and heterochers to contraception is used for the convenience of the map. As a result, endocrine disorders are caused, which causes the condition of reproductive tract diseases from time to time.Gynecological experts point out that because the choice of contraception is not proper, in addition to endocrine disorders, many patients with childbearing age also have symptoms of reproductive tract diseases and invisible anemia. They are often dizzy.Make the condition serious.

Suggestion: Internationally of the international childcare women have reached about 40% of the use of oral contraceptives, while the usage rate of domestic oral contraceptives only accounts for 2% to 3%. Women should choose the most suitable contraceptive measures according to their actual conditions: NewThe safety, reliability and scientificity of a generation of oral contraceptives have been given first. Not only can it be effective, but it can also greatly reduce the risk of women’s ovarian and endometrial cancer.

As modern urban women are becoming more and more independent, they know more about how to protect themselves.Even in sex, choosing a good way to choose is not simply avoiding pregnancy, but from a kind of passive to active living state, and can take more active care of your physical and mental health.

Text/Liu Shuying

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