Daughter -in -law was pregnant, her son hit her belly with a stick, and a piece of paper fell on her.

I am a rural, and my son found a wife after working in the city.When I knew this, they had gone to the Civil Affairs Bureau to receive a marriage certificate.When Mu has become a boat, I can’t say anything again, so I left my daughter -in -law at home to wait for me to make my son return to the city to make money.

Daughter -in -law is also a rural people, but their village is rich than in our village, so she often dislikes the goodness of our family.After listening to this, I was very angry, so I often forced her to go to my mother’s house to get some good things back, and let me see the world.

At first I used what she took back, and I could also eat it, but my son made money in the city. The thing I bought home was better than the daughter -in -law’s family. Then I knew that she was confused by her.

Because of this, I always had a puppet in my heart, and it was not pleasing to see what my daughter -in -law did.Later, she was pregnant with a child, and I always felt that it was a girl and didn’t want her to give birth.But I asked her to talk to the doctor, but she told me that the doctor only said that the child was healthy.

After more than a month, the son went home.He looked at his daughter -in -law’s belly and said, "No money, come back in a few years." I was happy to listen to this. In fact, I always felt that the daughter -in -law did not tell the truth. She must be pregnant with her daughter and dare not tell me.

After that, my son told me that the daughter -in -law had been aborted, and when he went to the ground to work, he called her.After listening to this, I just breathed a sigh of relief, but my daughter -in -law was thinking about her children every day.

The attitude of my daughter -in -law made me very angry. I wanted to teach her well, but watching her stomach is indeed larger than before, I dare not act lightly.I told my son about this, and he rushed back from the city that day.I would like to ask what was going on, but when her son saw her daughter -in -law, she hit her belly with a stick. After she dropped a piece of paper on her, I was stupid!

That piece of paper is indeed a payment list of miscarriage, but it has fallen with that piece of paper, and there is a pillow!Seeing this scene, I immediately dumbfounded, I didn’t know which my daughter -in -law sang.After my son explained it, I realized that it was stimulated after the miscarriage of my daughter -in -law, and always thought that I was still pregnant.

Fortunately, after I was patient, my daughter -in -law gradually recognized the reality.She said that she would never want to do something before. She had to work hard and made money before she wanted to make money!After listening to my daughter -in -law, I was very moved. After finding that she was a good daughter -in -law, I also decided to treat her daughter -in -law in the future and love her as a dear daughter!I think, as long as our family lives in harmony, we will be able to live a happy and beautiful life in the future!Everyone says, what am I right?

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