Damei hammered his belly responding to "pregnancy" rumors!Eather brother’s ex -wife finds the object for Liu Ergou’s ex -wife

After the twins and the juice, Damei stated that "the belly" would not be born in the outside world.

However, Gao Di has always wanted to have a girl. He always sang anti -tuning to please Damei and wants to have one. For this alternative way of showing affection, fans also like to watch …

When the couple played a live broadcast, Gao Di played a treasure and teased Damei and said: You go slowly, but don’t get the child …

After listening, Damei "crazy hammer his own belly" to rumors for himself, and said: You make a rumor, I become a tiger and tell you, and make less rumors.

Recently, Liu Ergou and his ex -wife Liu Liu staged a war -to -tear war. Speaking of the divorce lawsuit, Liu Ergou also issued a post to ridicule his ex -wife to get 50 million.

In the afternoon, Liu Ergou’s ex -wife issued a post to respond to the matter: The lawsuit has not started to fight. I didn’t get a penny, so I said that I took 50 million, which was nonsense.If anyone in the team is slandered to me, it is deemed to be provocative.

In addition, when Liu Ergou’s ex -wife live broadcast, he talked about the "1 million color gift". He explained that: The 1 million color gift at that time, the condition is to buy the house, we have to return the 1 million back, and we will return it.To attach 200,000 and a local house, it is equivalent to I want to give him 600,000 dowry. If the house writes my name, our family is not required for a penny, and we have to give him dowry.

It was just that because of the issue of restrictions on purchases and housing, I did not write my name, but it did not mean that this 1 million color gift gave me a pocket. It was not the meaning. At that time, the parties also understood it!

In addition, in this live broadcast, the "ex -wife" dream of the "ex -wife" Meng Meng entered the live broadcast room, and wanted to introduce Liu Liu to an object.It is also high, all of which are all hundred and eighty million, just wait for you to deal with it.

Liu Liu responded: But I still bring a child now, and others may not be able to see me.

Mengmeng said: It ’s good to have children, that’ s the extra points for women.

At this time, there was another wave of rhythm to ridicule Liu Liu to ask for money …

Liu Liu Shengqi responded: I emphasized it again, and now I have not got a penny.

Meng Meng advised: Don’t look at the negative news, just do it yourself. Regarding the things of both of you, there is no need to say that fans can understand it. Even if he says you, you don’t need to explain, because you are innocent.

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