Daily medicine: Do you have to take folic acid tablets during pregnancy?How to add better?

Folic acid is a product that many pregnant women can eat. From preparing to pregnancy to pregnancy, it plays its important role. It has the role of preventing fetal congenital nerve tube malformation and preventing pregnant women’s anemia.

However, there are also many friends who do n’t know much about the drug of folic acid tablets, and there are more questions when taking medicine. Therefore, today I have a well -off.Essence

General name: folic acid tablets;

Commodity name: Junheng, Selian, Du Tai, etc. Although the name of the product is different, they represent the same drug.


1. Prevention of fetal congenital neural tube deformities.

2. Prevention of women during pregnancy and lactation.

Folic acid is one of the essential water -soluble B vitamins for the human body. The generation of maternal red blood cells during pregnancy and the synthesis of DNA necessary for fetal baby and placenta growth requires the participation of folic acid.

The main component of folic acid tablets is folic acid.

Folic acid is a water -soluble B vitamin. It is composed of residues of butterine, residues to amino phenyl acid, and glutamic acid. It is a necessary substance for body cell growth and reproduction.

Folic acid participates in the synthesis of cell DNA. When folic acid deficiency will lead to a slower speed of DNA synthesis required for pregnancy, so the cells generated by blood cells in the bone marrow are large and the nuclear development is naive.To the role of anemia.

1. Applicable crowd

Prevention of fetal congenital neurophastin; preventing pregnant women’s anemia.

Note: The specific medication scheme is obeyed by the doctor, do not take medicine without authorization.

2. Taboo crowd

For those with any ingredients of folic acid tablets, they are disabled.

3. Special crowd

Children and elderly patients have no use of medicines to query and are not recommended.

1. How to replenish folic acid when preparing for pregnancy?

Women preparing for pregnancy can be taken at 3 months before pregnancy and 3 months after pregnancy, which can also prevent fetal deformedness and neurotic defects.Generally take it once a day and 0.4mg at a time.

Because folic acid has a certain irritation to the stomach and causes stomach discomfort, it is generally recommended to take it half an hour after meals.

2. What is the role of pregnant women to take folic acid tablets?

Folic acid has an important role in preventing the baby’s anemia, the prevention of the baby’s congenital malformations, the prevention of neural tube defects, the promotion of the development of the placenta, and preventing the premature eclampies of pregnant women.

Folic acid can be supplemented by drugs and can be obtained from food. For example, these foods are rich in folic acid: animal liver, raw Lai, citrus, red amaranth, beans, spinach, dragon beard vegetables, asparagus, apples, orange juice, etc.

The introduction of well -off today is here first. If you want to know more about folic acid tablets, you can consult related pharmacists or check the detailed manuals.

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