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With a baby, what should pregnant mothers eat to be nutritious and healthy?At the ninth National Nutrition Week, Dai Yongmei, director of the Nutrition Department of Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital, pointed out that the risk of increasing the risk of complications during pregnancy is too much or too little.Therefore, it is healthy to pay attention to "food care" during pregnancy.

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Equal weighting during pregnancy increases the risk of complications, and it is not good to grow too much or too little!

Whether you eat well, whether you are healthy and nutritious, are directly reflected in the weight of expectant mothers during pregnancy."Whether it is too much or too little, the imbalance of weight loss during pregnancy will increase the risk of pregnancy -induced complications, which will adversely affect the end of the pregnancy of maternal and infant pregnancy and its long -term health." Experts point out that the growth of pregnancy during pregnancy isProcess and physiological changes.A reasonable weight gain is the basic condition to ensure the normal growth and development of the fetus, which is conducive to reducing the risk of complications during pregnancy. It plays a key role in mothers’ long -term health, especially chronic disease prevention.

Specifically, when the weight gain is too fast and too much, pregnant women may experience hypertension during pregnancy, diabetes during pregnancy, hyperlipidemia during pregnancy, and thrombosis.The risk of such children’s childhood and adult obesity will also greatly increase.Conversely, insufficient weight gain during pregnancy can increase the risk of fetal growth, low birth weight, and adult chronic diseases."Low protein ledis, anemia, and osteopathexia also affect the nutritional value of milk in the future."

The reporter learned that the reference of my country’s management evaluation standards for pregnancy during pregnancy was derived from the appropriate scope of pregnancy weight growth recommended by the American Academy of Medical Research (IOM) in 2009. However, due to the influence of physical and eating habits, the evaluation results were not accurate.In 2022, the latest recommendations for the weight growth value of women in China during pregnancy were released, which brought more authoritative reference basis for Chinese pregnant mothers.In the new standard, not only has the BMI classification standards before pregnancy, but also adopts my country’s adult body weight judgment standards, and the overall weight growth range is lower than the IOM standard, which is also in line with the weight level of women in my country.

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Drink more "five red soup" iron supplement?Can you eat nutritional supplements?

Don’t make any misunderstandings anymore

So what should expectant mothers eat?The reporter learned that, on the basis of the dietary guide of the general population, the following six items are specially recommended for the preparation and pregnancy of women’s dietary diet (2022) for these groups.First, adjust the weight before pregnancy to the normal range to ensure an appropriate growth during pregnancy.Second, eat iron -rich foods often, choose iodized salt, and reasonably supplement folic acid and vitamin D.Third, severe pregnancy and vomiting can eat less meals to ensure foods that contain necessary carbohydrates.Fourth, increase the intake of milk, fish, poultry, eggs, and lean meat in the middle and late pregnancy.Fifth, frequent outdoor activities, smoking and alcohol, maintaining a healthy lifestyle.Six, happy to bred new life, and actively prepare breastfeeding.

Dai Yongmei admits that she often encounters expectant mothers clinically.For example, eating iron -rich foods often refers to eating more spinach, eating more red dates, wolfberry, and even drinking "five red soup" to make up the iron?In fact, more than 20%of pregnant women will have iron deficiency anemia in the middle and late pregnancy.She suggested that pregnant mothers can appropriately add some foods with high heme iron, such as lean meat, beef, animal liver, duck blood and so on.

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"There are also some pregnant mothers who think that they have taken calcium tablets during pregnancy, iron supplements, and composite vitamins, and they can be casually diet. This is also wrong." Dai Yongmei told reporters that any kind of nutrient supplement and foodIt cannot be compared."For example, it is also calcium supplement, and calcium tablets may be at most some calcium carbonate and vitamin D. But if you drink milk, in addition to calcium, there are protein, vitamins, and various nutrients.Nutritional supplements will be more comprehensive and palatable. Therefore, we advocate that the nutrition during pregnancy is mainly food supplement. "

How can I eat it?Look at the two reference recipes

[Excessive weight of your mother’s recipe sample]

Breakfast: miscellaneous grain and vegetable lean porridge (100 grams of spinach, 25 grams of brown rice, 25 grams of rice, 25 grams of lean meat, 5 grams of oil), 1 50 grams of spiced eggs, 100 grams of corn stick half -root

Add meals: 1 kiwi 1 (about 150 grams)

Lunch: 75 grams of red bean rice (25 grams of red beans, 50 grams of rice), steamed sea bass (75 grams of sea bass, 5 grams of peanut oil), dried celery (100 grams of celery, 25 grams of fragrant dried, 5 grams of peanut oil), winter melon kelp soup (winter melon melon soup (winter melon melon100 grams, 50 grams of water in water, 2 grams of peanut oil)

Add meals: low -fat milk 250 grams

Dinner: Chicken silk linen buckwheat noodles (50 grams of shredded chicken, 10 grams of sesame sauce, 75 grams of buckwheat noodles), colorful fried shrimp (corn kernels, carrots, peas, mushroom diced, shrimp, 5 grams each), loofah enamel mushroom (100 grams of loofah, 50 grams of enoki mushrooms, 5 grams of vegetable oil)

Experts said: According to the pregnancy and weight growth of this pregnant mother, we control her one -day recipe at about 1,800 calories.Although the heat is low, it focuses on ensuring food diversification while meeting all the nutrients required.

All ingredients are relatively high -nutritional value, but they are relatively low -calorie.Most of the rampant dishes are mostly white meat. Milk chooses low -fat milk. Fruits are also fruits with less sugar in kiwi.

[Small than the recipe sampling of the fetus]

Breakfast: Xiaomi porridge (50 grams of Xiaomi), celery mix of walnut kernels (50 grams of celery, 10 grams of walnut kernels, 2 grams of sesame oil), a vegetable bag (50 grams)

Add meals: yogurt mixing fruit diced (yogurt 150, kiwi 50, apple 50, banana 50)

Lunch: 100 grams of rice, steamed seaweed egg rolls (5 grams of seaweed, 50 grams of meat filling, 50 grams of eggs, 1 grams of peanut oil), green pepper fried beef shreds (100 grams of green pepper, 25 grams of dried incense, 50 grams of peanut oil), Green Mushroom Soup (50 grams of green vegetables, 50 grams of mushrooms, 4 grams of sesame oil)

Add meals: 80 grams of milk (200 grams of milk) cake

Dinner: 100 grams of baked bread, elobe soup (carrot 50, tomato 100, onion 50, beef 50, tomato sauce 20, 5 grams of butter), asparagus fried shrimp (100 grams of asparagus, 50 grams of shrimp, 5 grams of peanut oil))

Experts say: For the small condition of the fetus, we will add more ingredients to the mother’s recipe.Not only do you have cakes with whole milk, you can also mix with fruit diced and walnut kernels.Increase high -calorie foods such as nuts.At the same time, you can consider eating exquisite pasta such as baked bread.While conforming to the three major nutrients of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, the heat reaches more than 2,000 kcal.

"We have four rules for weight management. Regular monitoring, balanced nutrition, appropriate exercise, and good living habits." Dai Yongmei concluded that the nutritional guide of each pregnant mother needsThe follow -up adjustment is adjusted in a timely manner to truly "eat".

Yangtze Evening News/Zi Niu Journalist Lu Yanlin

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