Create personnel half -effective during ovulation!A small method, test whether you are in the ovulation period

In the past, it was a particularly unusual thing for women to conceive. They could be spread by the neighbors as magical deeds by neighbors.However, when it comes to when, when people heard that the female friends around them are difficult to conceive, they only make a gust of gust of gusts from their ears, and there is no desire to spread.Why are more and more women difficult to conceive?

1. Love to wear high heels.A study in the United States shows that long -term high -heeled shoes can easily lead to female infertility. At the same time, there are remarks that high heels are one of the important reasons for femininity.

2. Love to be a manicure.If the use of nail polish and other cosmetics containing phenyl acid esters and other chemicals for a long time will affect women’s ovarian function and even cause habitual abortion or infertility.

3. Tights.Many good women like to wear tight pants, but in fact a British study shows that wearing tight clothing can cause pressure on the reproductive system, which can cause endometriosis in severe cases. This will make women feel when menstruation feels trendy.To abdominal pain.

4. Excessive weight loss or complete vegetarian.Many weight -loss women and vegetarian women have the problem of insufficient nutrition. Nutrition will affect women’s ovulation laws and reduce pregnancy.

And if a woman is over 35 years old, its ovaries will have significant decline in function, resulting in abnormal ovulation.And we all know that if it is during the ovulation period, it can greatly increase the power of women’s conception.In other words, it is of great significance to correctly test the ovulation period.So, how to use ovulation test strips correctly?When is the test result is the most accurate?Let’s take a look together.

1. Usually on the 10th day after menstruation, ovulation measurement can be started;

2. It is best to install the urine. The best time is from 10 am to 8 pm. It is best to choose the same time in the test time period;

3. Drink less water before testing, otherwise it will affect the monitoring of the peak of progesterone;

4. Testing urine should not choose morning urine;

5. During the test, the end of the arrow logo line is immersed in the urine. After 3 seconds, take it out and put it on the platform. The results can be observed in about 10 minutes.

6. The depth of the test strip inserted into the urine should not exceed the MAX logo line;

If two purple -red lines appear in the result, the lower -end detection line is obvious than the upper -end control line, indicating that there is no peak value in the LH in the urine, and it must be tested daily.The same, or the lower end line is darker than the upper end line, indicating that ovulation will be ovulated within 24-48 hours in the next 24-48 hours; if only a purple-red wire appears only on the upper end of the note, it means ovulation without ovulation.

In the process of using the ovulation test strip, it is recommended to test it daily. If the results are discovered, the frequency of testing is needed. It is best to measure it every 4 hours to test the strong positive appearance and the strong yang turning this.Instantly, you can consider arranging the same room to conceive in the same room, and increase the probability of conception once a day.But sometimes ovulation test strips do not necessarily have ovulation when strong positive.

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