Coverend brother Chen Meng Chen Meng is pregnant?Call the new house for fast decoration, netizens: Who is it

As we all know, Zhu Xiaowei, the son of his coat, had a failed marriage with Chen Yaman.There was no husband and wife in the marriage of the two. Chen Yanan also talked about Zhu Xiaowei, which damaged the entire Zhu Jiafeng review.

Fortunately, the Zhu family was not affected by this incident. After the divorce, the coat brother found a newbow daughter -in -law and was engaged quickly. After two months, because of the fear of public opinion affected the relationship, Chen Meng has never appeared.There was no news from her news.

Recently, good news about fiancee Chen Meng has been out again!Chen Meng seems to be pregnant?And I called the coat to reveal this good news, it is gratifying!

At that time, the coat was chatting with a few friends at home. Chen Meng suddenly called for a video call and revealed to her mother -in -law that she hadn’t come for a long time for a long time. It was also a little disgusting, maybe she was pregnant.

Therefore, she made a call deliberately, let the coat brother quickly renovate a new house, and open the windows in advance to ventilate the wind and spread the smell. After giving birth, you can live in and at ease, so as to live with Zhu Xiaowei.

This can make the coat happy and smiled, and quickly agreed to the request of his daughter -in -law Chen Meng, saying that he would call the decoration progress now. He also asked Chen Meng what he wanted to eat and what he wanted.Buy her a few gifts and give it.

After hanging up the phone, she hurriedly called the coat brother and Zhu Xiaowei, and informed the good news that the coat brother quickly went to the decoration to welcome the arrival of the grandchildren.

The friends on the side saw that the coat was so happy, so he said that his brother was about to hold his grandson, and the villagers began to applaud the Zhu family.

After all, this child is indeed a gift to the Zhu family.The coat is over half a year old, and finally he can hold his grandson.Moreover, Chen Meng’s pregnancy can still hit Chen Ya’s "face", confirming that Zhu Xiaowei is a real man!

However, some of the netizens who watched the lively and the big are stabbing, thinking that Zhu Xiaowei had no ability, so he asked the child "who"?To ridicule the Zhu family.

Indeed, from the outside world, Zhu Xiaowei was dumbfounded and looked very honest, and it was easy to be deceived.But he is in his twenties anyway, not too honest.

Furthermore, not long after Chen Meng and Zhu Xiaowei were engaged, Zhu Xiaowei ran out of date every morning. He often lived in Chen Meng’s house at night. Obviously, this child was Zhu Xiaowei.

This time, Zhu Xiaowei really chose the right person.I hope that afterwards, he and Chen Meng will live well, find a solid work, and become a responsible good father!

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