Cover Mirror | After the final judgment of the "Pregnant Women Thailand Falling Cliff Case": Divorce prosecution will be launched soon

Cover Journalist Yan Lei

On June 2nd, Ms. Wang, the party of the "Chinese Pregnant Women’s Thailand Falling Cliff", released a video saying that the Thai Supreme Court sentenced to the third instance of the Thai Supreme Court.A total of three judgments have been experienced in this case, which is the result of the final judgment.

One week after the results of the third trial judgment were announced, Ms. Wang told the cover journalist, "Life looks very busy."


Life looks very busy, developing in a good direction

After the case was changed, many netizens sent encouragement and support to Ms. Wang on social media.Talking about the recent life, she summarized the word "busy".

"Although it has improved, the body still needs a continuous recovery process. If you work, you want to try some areas that have not been involved before. Although the lawsuit is over in Thailand, there are many jobs in the future, such as translating the Thai side.Civil documents, notarization and the like. Civil lawsuits in China are about to start immediately, and there are many preparations for early work. So it is really busy every day. "She said.

According to Ms. Wang’s acting lawyer Shi Dazhen, after trial of the Supreme Court of Thailand, it was found that the defendant constituted an attempted killing attempt.The court stated in the judgment that it should be sentenced to life imprisonment. Given that the defendant cooperated with the court to investigate during the trial, the punishment was reduced, and the sentence was sentenced to 33 years and 4 months.

Shi Dazhen said, "Especially Ms. Wang mentioned in the trial that at the time on the cliff, Yu Moudong called Ms. Wang to hug and kiss her face, then pushed her down the cliff, and said," Go to death ".The court’s final judgment explained that this behavior was the "most disgusting" killing method prepared in advance. All executives in this case were particularly sympathetic to Ms. Wang who lost their children and lifelong disabled.In the end, the Supreme Court accepted the claim of the lawyer. "

Ms. Wang said, "Although it is a bit messy, but compared to before, they have been advancing forward, and they are all developing in a good direction."


Women who are pregnant and husbands are playing with my husband, and the husband is pushed down the cliff

On June 9, 2019, Ms. Wang, who was three months pregnant, followed her husband Yu Moudong to see the sunrise in Patden National Park, Thailand. During the period, her husband was pushed off a 34 -meter -high cliff.

Since the incident, Ms. Wang still remember what happened at the moment before the cliff. "He rushed up from behind and hugged me. At that moment, I felt that this action was very warm."However, she then heard Yu Mouong’s four words: you go to death.

Even her life did not shout, and she had been pushed off the cliff by her husband.Fortunately, she survived.

According to her memories, there was just a tree on the cliff at a height of 10 meters away from the ground. She encountered this tree during the whereabouts and weakened the speed of falling.Thai police records show that her coma is about an hour.

After waking up, Ms. Wang confirmed that after her child had no problem, the severe pain in her body had made her shout weakly.Coincidentally, a lost tourist found her under the cliff.The notified park staff quickly organized the ambulance team.

Ms. Wang was surgery in the ICU after being sent to the local hospital. The doctor told her that there were 17 fractures in her body, 6 of which were open fractures.The worst part is the main bone of the left thigh, which has become an S -shaped, and there is a completely crushed in the middle.

"If there is no tree on the cliff, and no one who lost her way to find me in time, if there is … missing any link, the results will be different," she said.

Ms. Wang initially said that she had lost her feet because of dizziness, and then changed her mouth to be intentionally pushed down by her husband Yu Mouong.The local police investigated found that the incident was not unexpected.More than 10 days after the incident, Ms. Wang’s husband Yu Moudong was controlled by the Thai police.

Not over

Self -healing while collapsed, the prosecution of divorce cases will soon start

Treatment, rehabilitation, and lawsuits are what she is doing after returning to China.The process of seemingly boring and painful, but she was brought by her joke: "Adults, they originally collapsed and healed."

In 2020, the Thai Court of Thailand was sentenced in the first instance that the defendant Yu Mouong deliberately murdered and was sentenced to life imprisonment in the first instance.In 2021, the second instance of the case determined that the defendant Yu Mouong was "no murder" and was sentenced to 10 years in prison from the life imprisonment of the first instance.

Ms. Wang was very collapsed after learning the news at the time. "My heart really collapsed, and I couldn’t accept it. I felt that the sky was collapsed and my body collapsed."

"I thought this matter can be drawn in a end, starting a new life, but now it has become a week -long. I want to continue to fight this murderer. It is really helpless …" She said that she would continue to appeal.The law can severely punish the murderer and only seek fairness and justice.

In the days after, she never gave up.

On June 2nd, the third trial of the case was announced.Regarding the result, Ms. Wang expressed his thanks to the Thai court for the final judgment of justice, in line with the facts, and thanking the lawyer team for his persistence. He has never given up on finding evidence.To this day, the prosecution is completed.

She said that the case was not completely ended, but the criminal part came to an end. Due to the procedure of the first sentence, the marriage relationship between the two sides continued."After getting a criminal case judgment, after a series of notarization, a divorce case will be prosecuted. I hope this case will end soon."

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