Cough during pregnancy, can a fever take medicine?Listen to what the experts say

The long pregnancy process during pregnancy will inevitably occur. What should I do if the pregnant mother has a cold, fever, cough during pregnancy?How to solve this headache?Listen to Professor Wu’s answer together.

How to do a cold during pregnancy?

Pregnant moms have a cold during pregnancy, and they should take a safe method to spend the cold cycle. Do not use it, and do not take medicine without authorization, so as not to hurt the fetus in the abdomen.

1. The medication for the first three months of pregnancy can easily cause fetal malformations, so pregnant moms must pay attention to take care of themselves. If it is really a cold, fever to 38.5 or more, the best drug is Tynolorin or Panlangen and other drugs. Take it.The dose must be based on the doctor’s guidance. Do not take medicine without authorization, and do not take medicine, because high fever will cause your heartbeat to speed up, and it will also cause the fetal heartbeat to accelerate at the same time.And high -temperature uterus may also have a bad impact on the fetus.

During a cold and fever, pregnant moms drink more water to discharge the virus in the body, rest more, and maintain good physical strength.

2. Cough and cough during pregnancy. Coughing is a tricky thing whether adults or children. Some time ago, the cold caused a cough caused by a cold. It was really coughing the whole person.It may cause abortion or premature birth.So be sure to pay attention

Treatment method: Pregnant moms can take Chuanbei and Sydney to boil water and drink, or the cooking effect is as good. If this method is not cured for a long time, it is best to go to the hospital for medical treatment and let the doctor prescribe some drugs.

3. A cold during pregnancy to avoid fatigue and pressure, and reduce the occurrence of complications.During the epidemic of the disease, pregnant women should pay attention to personal hygiene, less than a densely populated place, and patients who do not contact the cold.

Cold, cough and fever during pregnancy are extremely difficult, so when pregnant women usually exercise more, strengthen their own immunity and resistance, usually eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, pay more rest and less rest and less rest.stay up.

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