Consultation case

Pig Raise: What should I do if I do n’t eat 37 degrees at 110 days of pregnancy. What should I do?

Liu Yabin: The sows do not eat ingredients in the later pregnancy. First of all, they must pass the ear venous infusion and replenish energy as soon as possible. The composite vitamin B can be added to the infusion to regulate the intestinal tract.At the same time, a broad -spectrum antibiotic cepha was added to the hanging bottle.You can cast some green and green feed to see if the sows have appetite. The sow can exercise appropriately.Add meals to salt or amino vitamin to drink water.Try wet mixing.

Piggy people: sow is constipated for a long time, and it is useless to feed all kinds of medicines.Especially the pre -breaking period is serious.

Yuan Linyong: 1. Sowing is recommended to eat freely before breeding, increase nutrition, do not control the material. In addition, if the environmental temperature is reduced, sows during pregnancy also need to increase the amount of feeding appropriately to fight the energy consumption of low temperature energy.2. Is the drinking water sufficient?Including water pressure, water temperature, water quality, and whether the bitter drugs that have been cast in water will affect the amount of water drinking for sows.3. The best way to relieve constipation is to provide high -quality crude fiber diet.If the feed cannot be changed, it is recommended to add glucose powder before breeding.4. Multi -dimensional such as magnesium ions such as: Shuo Teng’s Shuowei key is 1 kg/ton.

Piggy people: What is going on with sow and vulva and anal swelling?

Nong Huajie: It is normal.It is the manifestation of hormone metabolism in the body before giving birth. If prostaglandin rises, postpartum swelling naturally disappears.If the swelling is not obvious, it means that the pregnancy is affected by various factors such as varieties, age, physical health, nutritional or bad or bad (such as whether it is slippery, squeezed and produced in advance, etc.)For childbirth, it is recommended that 1-2 days before giving birth to a masterpiece of the muscle, to more effective and thoroughly dissolved luteum.

The specific usage of rhythm is: 1-2 days before the sow delivery, 2 ml of prenatal planin in the muscle injection, control the sow’s childbirth time, use it to take delivery, shorten the output, speed up the postpartum dew, and reduce the sow postpartum postpartum deliveryUterineitis-breast inflammation-milk-free syndrome occurs, reducing the non-normal elimination rate of sows; through hormonal adjustment, increased the weight of piglet weaning; shorten the time interval of the breeding after sow weaning, increase the next child in the next childSow’s yield rate.

Piggy people: There is a pig with weak hind legs and walking away. There is sexual desire, but they can’t climb the fake parent platform. The appetite is normal and the temperature is normal.How to deal with this situation?

Yao Jing: Use a broad -spectrum antibiotic treatment. If the effect is not seen, it is recommended to eliminate it.When buying a pig or choosing it yourself, pay attention to the leg assessment. You should not be too straight or too weak.

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