Constipation during pregnancy?Use these 5 methods to quickly alleviate

When I was pregnant, I took a lot of pregnancy during pregnancy, and the digestion was slow, resulting in unsatisfactory bowel movements, and often constipation.For a long time, constipation will cause me to feel irritable and lose their appetite.

When constipation, I dare not defecate hard, for fear of pulling the baby out. Hahaha, there is no experience in pregnancy for the first time, and there will always be many strange ideas.

Seeing the doctor for a long time, the obstetricians explained to me like this.

1. Eternogencin secretion

During pregnancy, a large amount of progesterone will be secreted, causing endocrine disorders of the body. Various hormones have changed. This is one of the main factors such as constipation.

2. The uterus compress the stomach

With the development of the fetus, the volume and weight of the uterus are increasing, and it will slowly squeeze to our gastrointestinal and intestines.

3. Decreased exercise

After pregnancy, many expectant mothers become careful. The bulky body will make us do not want to act, reduce gastrointestinal motility, slow digestion, and cause constipation.

4. Psychological pressure of pregnant women

After pregnancy, they were worried about abortion. Many expectant mothers did not dare to defecate their bowelies. Over time, psychological pressure caused great psychological pressure, and long -term laxatives were unsatisfactory and caused constipation.

When I was pregnant, I also listened to a lot of ways to solve constipation. I will share with you the effective method I have tried.

1. Drink more warm water

Supplementing water to the body can soften the stool and help us smooth the bowel movements, which to a large extent to relieve constipation and other symptoms

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables rich in dietary fiber

When I am pregnant, I often eat various dark green vegetables, which not only supplements various vitamins, but also prevent constipation.

3. Frequent walking activities

We take a walk every day after dinner, not only to help us digest, but we can also prevent edema during pregnancy.

4. Drug treatment

If you are serious, you can use some Kaisailu

5. Regular defecation

Be sure to develop the habit of defecation.

6. Don’t take urine and shit

Not only does the fetus develop well, it will also cause various inflammation of constipation, etc.

Those who say that bananas are laxative, the best thing is to drink more warm boiling water and regularly discharge.

I hope the above method can help our pregnant mothers

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