Congratulations!TVB’s well -known actress suddenly announced pregnancy, and handsome Hong Kong male husband has repeatedly questioned the softener food

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congratulations!According to the latest report of Hong Kong media, Zhang Baoer, a well -known actress for TVB and the former Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant, suddenly announced the news of pregnancy through social media photos.

And her husband, TVB well -known male star, former handsome Hong Kong male champion Benjamin, is about to upgrade as a father as expected.

Generally, three months of pregnancy will be made public.So according to time, Zhang Baoer should have been pregnant for more than three months now, and the due date is at the end of this year or early next year.

Zhang Bao’er posted a photo of the baby’s ultrasonic in the belly on social media, and temporarily did not open the sex of the baby in the belly.But some careful netizens found that Zhang Baoer used "he" to describe the baby in the message area, so everyone was guessing that she was pregnant with a boy.

She also left a message in the message area: I have reached a new stage of life and is willing to bring more beauty to the world.The children in the belly are regarded as the most precious gift of heaven.

With the posts of posts, a large number of friends in the circle of netizens and couples poured into social media and liked them to send blessings.

Like Chen Ziyao, Hong Yongcheng, Chen Minzhi, Zhou Baihao, Hu Dingxin, Zhou Liqi, Xie Dongmin, and Zhao Xiluo, they all commented.

Zhang Baoer and Yuan Weihao officially registered for marriage in 2020. After the marriage, the two were also regarded by the outside world as a well -known loving couple, golden boy and jade girl.

The two of them were sparming because they cooperated with a variety show of TVB. Because their personalities and hobbies were more consistent, after determining love relationships, their feelings have been relatively stable.

Because Zhang Baoer is a well -known rich woman, her father is a famous businessman.It is only hundreds of millions of properties in Hong Kong.So from the beginning of love, Yuan Weihao has been ridiculed many times to "eat soft rice".

After getting married, Yuan Weihao was named "Ma Ma".But he was very disgusted with these labels that the outside world gave him.

However, after the two were married, there were rumors that Zhang Bao’er’s father directly took out 60 million funds and bought a house for the two as a new wedding gift.

It is worth mentioning that before Yuan Weihao and Zhang Baoer fell in love, they actually had a relationship with Hong Kong sister Cen Xingxian.At that time, he and Cen Xingxian broke up for a long time, and he was with Zhang Bao’er quickly, which also surprised the outside world.

Some netizens even teased Yuan Weihao: I just wanted to find a wealthy wife, so I was with Cen Xingxian and never considered marriage.

Aside from the label of eating soft rice, in the opinion of the editor, Zhang Baoer and Yuan Weihao are indeed a more loving couple.

Zhang Baoer has been actively integrated into Yuan Weihao’s circle of friends over the years. After the two have determined their love relationship, each time there is a friend meeting, Yuan Weihao will bring Zhang Baoer.Gradually, it also became familiar with Yuan Weihao’s friends, such as Hu Dingxin, Shan Liwen, Hu Beiwei and others.

In the past two years, Yuan Weihao was obviously not enthusiastic about his acting career after marriage.Last year he took the initiative to resign the new drama, go to fulfill his music dream, and release a single, but the popularity is not high.

According to Yuan Weihao himself, he will enter the crew to make new plays this month. As for what new drama and who cooperate with, he still does not know.

In the end, I would like to congratulate Yuan Weihao and Zhang Baoer again.Less than three years of marriage, successfully created people, will soon be upgraded to be parents, and has entered a new stage of life.It is hoped that the babies of the two will grow safely, healthy and happy.

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