Congratulations!The well -known actress in Hong Kong suddenly announced that she was pregnant, and her husband worked hard to quit smoking and alcohol to improve sperm quality

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congratulations!According to the latest report of Hong Kong media, Jiang Ruolin, a 35 -year -old Hong Kong actress, suddenly announced the news of pregnancy through social media.

It is understood that recently, Jiang Ruolin and her husband Xiao Weizhan’s 4th anniversary of marriage. In addition, it also coincides with the annual Christmas. I believe that Jiang Ruolin is quite attentive at this time.

Judging from the photos shared by Jiang Ruolin on social media, she is currently pregnant, and her condition is also particularly easy.I saw her and her husband holding a baby suit in front of the Christmas tree, facing the camera with a smile.

This time, Jiang Ruolin did not disclose the sex of the baby in the stomach, nor did she reveal that she has been pregnant for a few months now, which is quite mysterious.

In Jiang Ruolin’s post, it can be seen that she has also experienced symptoms such as nausea, pregnancy, and fatigue in the early stages of pregnancy.

According to customs, good news will not be made public three months of pregnancy, so the outside world is guessing that Jiang Ruolin’s posts are guessing that she may have been pregnant for 4 to 5 months.Especially cute, well -behaved rabbit baby.

Xiao Weizhan, who will be upgraded to his father for the first time, is also particularly excited.He revealed on social media that since he married Jiang Ruolin in 2018, the two have always been actively preparing for their age.

However, after two years of pregnancy, the couple did not get as long as they were. Later, the two went to the hospital for inspection. As a result, Xiao Weizhan had a problem with his health. His sperm was unqualified and it was difficult to get pregnant in the future.Sad.

Although the doctor was informed that sperm had a problem, how could they always give up?So recently, one or two years, Jiang Ruolin and Xiao Weizhan are also doing the last efforts.

In order to improve his physical condition and sperm quality, Xiao Weizhan took the initiative to quit smoke, quit alcohol in the past two years, and got up in the morning to exercise every morning, improved his habit of eating heavy food before, and his life became extremely regular.

It is said that the kung fu is not responsible. After a long period of conditioning, Xiao Weizhan’s health has gradually improved.As soon as the body becomes better, the sperm quality has also improved, and many things have become solved.

For 4 years of marriage, now Jiang Ruolin and Xiao Weizhan’s husband and wife finally wished to make a successful success, and used Xiao Weizhan’s original post on social media: it was an unlikely thing to complete.

In terms of time, Jiang Ruolin has been in her 15 years. She will sing both singing and acting, so she has a very high popularity in Hong Kong.

Her husband Xiao Weizhan is also an artist.However, his acting career has been developing average, and his popularity is not as good as Jiang Ruolin.It is rumored that he has now switched to selling raw fried buns and has opened several stores. The business is very hot.

It is worth mentioning that Jiang Ruolin once fell in love with the well -known male star Cao Yunjin. The two were in love because of the drama, but in the end, they regretted breaking up.

Jiang Ruolin and her husband Xiao Weizhan have renamed their names for transfer.But last year, Jiang Ruolin announced that she used her name, because after changing her name, she was not lucky and even entangled by the lawsuit for many years.

In the end, I would like to congratulate Jiang Ruolin and Xiao Weizhan again. After many difficulties and waiting for 4 years, they finally made success. It is really not easy to enter a new stage of life!You guessed that Jiang Ruolin was pregnant with a boy or a girl this time.

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