Congratulations!The goddess of Chinese flowers and slippery gods is pregnant, only half a year of marriage, her husband is handsome to drive millions of luxury cars

Li Zijun, a 25 -year -old Chinese flower skating goddess, on the day of Children’s Day, Li Zijun announced his good news and became pregnant!It was only half a year since getting married to pregnancy last year.However, Li Zijun’s husband is very low -key. Although he has taken photos, he is mysterious and handsome. He drives a million luxury cars.

In November last year, Li Zijun announced his marriage, "The disappearance must be a big move, so quietly show it."

After half a year of marriage, Li Zijun came with good news -I wish all the big friends and children a happy holiday, and you are welcome to join, my kid!

In social media, Li Zijun took a pregnant photo and could see that at least 2 or 3 months of pregnancy!

In his career, Li Zijun left regret that she had a good talent and excellent appearance. It was once known as the "next Chen Lu" in China.At the age of 5, Li Zijun began to practice skating.At the age of 11, Li Zijun stayed abroad and received the key training of the national team.

At the age of 16, she won the seventh good results, competing with famous players such as Kim Yanya, Asada Makoto.

In the domestic arena, Li Zijun also achieved the honor of the Grand Slam, the champion of the National Championship, and the gold medal of the Winter Games.

On November 13, 2018, Li Zijun announced his retirement."After repeated thinking repeatedly, I think I should still make a final decision and make it clear. Because of various reasons, I will formally say goodbye to the seasons of skating." Li Zijun wrote on social media.

In 2018, Li Zijun was only 22 years old, but left the ice she loved and hated.Because of her expectations for her too high, after being disappointed, Li Zijun encountered some netizens’ attacks.

Fortunately, Li Zijun is now happy to marry. Her husband is handsome and driving a million luxury cars.

It is worth mentioning that Li Zijun also had a scandal with Fan Zhendong, but it was already past.At that time, Fan Zhendong also had social media and often interacted with Li Zijun.Today, Li Zijun is almost a mother, and Fan Zhendong is still working hard for his dreams. The first in the national table tennis world hopes to get the men’s singles gold medal at the Paris Olympics.

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