Congratulations to your pregnancy!Novice mothers understand these files in advance to avoid trouble!

Congratulations to your pregnancy!When the pregnant mother started to build a file, it shows that the dangerous stage of the early pregnancy is almost past. Of course, some special pregnant mothers still need to be very careful.File files refer to the mother who goes to the hospital for a file after 3 months of pregnancy, which will record the basic information of the pregnant mothers and the situation of the entire pregnancy test, and what they need to pay attention to during pregnancy. The doctor can judge the pregnant mother through the contentThe approximate production method, at the same time, can make a correct judgment immediately.

① The time for archives during pregnancy is usually set at 12 weeks of pregnancy. Some special circumstances may be pushed after a little time, but basically this time;Infected four, color Doppler ultrasound, etc., according to the different physical conditions of each pregnant mother, there will be some adjustments. The pregnant mother only needs to cooperate with the doctor to check.

File process and information: ① Prepare the documents (the original and photocopy of the identity card, medical insurance card, medical insurance card, the original and photocopy of maternity insurance permits, the perinatal certificate, marriage certificate, the checklist and the post -pregnancy checklist, Photos, etc., normal certificates can basically be processed. In some places, there may not be so testimony. In some places, the community may require the corresponding proof.② The hospital submits the prepared documents, fills in the information, pays, gets cases of pregnant women, and the registered registration form of the birth check;

① When the file is built, choose the hospital’s best to be close to home inspection. At the same time, if there are special circumstances, it is best to choose a hospital with good medical conditions.Therefore, it is necessary to build files during the checkup. Therefore, the day before the birth inspection, the best nutritional balance of nutrients and vegetables to avoid affecting the results of the inspection. At the same time, it is necessary to take blood on the day of the birth check.Waiting for too long, the hospital has a large number of people and causes physical discomfort.

@123536: After the establishment of the file here is a series of inspections in the community hospital in the region, receive the maternity service manual, and then take the husband and wife’s ID card household registration certificate to the maternity service manual.The property issuance certificate is stamped;@物 物: I did n’t bring anything when I built the file. I made an NT and reported that there was no problem to build the file directly;A blood type;@了: The original and photocopy of ID cards, medical insurance cards, quasi -birth permits, the original and photocopy of maternity insurance permits, and marriage certificates.

The requirements for the archives of each city are different, and some places are strict, and some places are relatively loose. There are many similar things to prepare. Basically, the documents are required, but in some placesThe documents are relatively small. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers are advised to consult the local mother group after preparing the documents to understand the specific documents and avoid taking detours.

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