Come on crayfish!True feelings, don’t spray if you don’t like it!149 can be eaten on the room …

Pen ink and ink shrimp 149 roofs to eat 6 catties of crayfish, the quality and taste of real evaluation.

I have n’t eaten crayfish for several days. Recently, I have always brushed the takeaway of their brush and ink, and their takeaway. Today I store a copy to see how the quality is.The next order first, how long can I see it?The speed is so fast, it is delivered so soon, holding this weight is so heavy.

Today I ordered the two flavors of garlic and spicy. I saw some customers on the Internet that their ingredients were not fresh, crayfish small, and the taste was not delicious. Today I specifically designed to make a video for you for a period of evaluation video.EssenceI just came out really smell the aroma of garlic, and it was really strong.

Their packaging is also very complete. They are very hot with plastic wrap. This is spicy.The packaging is really very strict, and this juice cannot be revealed.There is also a cola and a few gloves in the package.The evaluation officially started, first share with you a few daily common sense.How to judge its quality by cooked shrimp?

· First point to smell its smell.When I just got the crayfish at the door, I already smelled a strong fragrance. There was really no fishy smell, that is, the pure crayfish fragrance was particularly greedy.

· The second point look at the color of it outside.Like ordinary fresh shrimp, it is brighter and rosy.The color of not fresh shrimp is generally dull, but it looks darker.The color of all the shrimp of the two boxes is relatively pure, and it looks very appetite.

Looking at the gesture, this crayfish is really not small, and then look at the elasticity of the tail of the shrimp.Generally, fresh shrimp will be rebounded later, and the shrimp body is bent. This is basically the case for randomly picking up two, so it can prove that this shrimp is very fresh.Look at the elasticity of shrimp.Fresh shrimp can be dragged out at once, and the elasticity is still sufficient, so the quality is still very secure.

Some people are relatively sanitary problems that are selling unexpectedly. Looking at the random selection, its shrimp tail is still very clean. Two randoms are random, and there are many yellows inside.But to be honest, the shrimp in their house has no shrimp line, because the shrimp cooked after the shrimp line will be loose, so when you eat it yourself, you can go to the shrimp line first and then eat it.The quality of the crayfish has just been tested, and now I finally eat it.

Let’s see how it tastes like.This spicy taste is really spicy, the taste is particularly enough, the shrimp line is very good, the direct shrimp line comes out, the shrimp is also very tender, it tastes a bit Q bombs, a bit elastic, and very delicious.The garlic taste is really YYDS.Basically, I will order garlic flavor every time I order the crayfish, and this juice is really the essence.How they made the garlic taste so delicious. You go to the master to learn the arts, and I will see if I can teach me for free.

This garlic flavor is really delicious, and there are two side dishes of rice cakes and cucumbers.In general, the weight of their home is really 3-4 people, and I think it is online whether the quality of shrimp and taste.So those doubts have any doubts, I don’t think I have to worry about it, just place the order and rush directly.

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